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Guest Episode #1 - Overcoming Fears, Filling Classes & Going Online with Katy from SOSA Dance Fitness

Episode #1 - 3 Ways to Stop Procrastinating & Start Thriving!

Blog 1: The Quickest Way to Create Your Perfect Online Product or Service

Guest Episode #2 - Creating a Hybrid Fit Biz, Your No.1 Freestyles Instructor Resource & Recovering Your Fit Biz after a Pandemic!

Episode #2 - 3 Things to Do to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed & Unorganised!

Blog 2: 10 Online Fitness Business Ideas...

Guest Episode #3 - Avoiding Burnout, Thriving with a Face-to-Face Fitness Business & Thinking like a FitBiz Owner!

Episode #3 - Is People Pleasing Draining Your Energy & Motivation?!

Blog 3: Full Time, Part Time & Side Hustle Fitness Business Ideas!

Guest Episode #4 - Taking Your FitBiz Online & What That Means for Instructors & the Industry

Episode #4 - Success Is a Choice I Make

Blog 4: Finding Your Niche and Target Audience…

Guest Episode #5 -How to Build a Loyal Tribe of Clients & Why It's so Important

Episode #5 - Motivation Hacks for Running Your Fitness Business

Blog 5: Five Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Your Fitness Business

Guest Episode #6 - Coping with Imposter Syndrome & Being Relatable to Attract Aligned Clients

Episode #6 - The 12 Week Sprint

Blog 6: Don’t Let Your Fitness Business Be BUS-I-NESS!

Guest Episode #7 - Making Your Fitness Business Work for Menopausal Clients

Episode #7 - The Online Fitness Business Mindset

Blog 7: What If Your Doubts about Being Good Enough Were Actually This...

Guest Episode #8 - 3 Secrets to Pack Your Fitness Class Using Facebook

Episode # 8 - When You're Burnt-out, Ill or Need Time Off!

Blog 8: It’s Okay That You Don’t Know What You’re Doing…

Guest Episode #9 - Achieving Big Fitness Business Goals Despite Fear & Obstacles

Episode #9 - No Time to Grow an Online Fitness Business?!...Here's How!

Blog 9 - the Powerful Quarter Year Strategy to Reconnect & Fill Your Fitness Classes

Guest Episode #10 - Mindfulness for Instructors: Preventing Burnout and Identifying Mental Health Issues

Episode #10 - 5 Simple Steps to Start & Grow and Email List like a Pro!

Blog 10: The Shocking Wake-Up Call: Why I'm Building a Social Media-Free Fitness Business and How You Can Too!

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