Blog 4: Finding Your Niche and Target Audience

Finding Your Niche and Target Audience in your fitness business

When you’re not trying to please everyone, you succeed at pleasing the right one.

For as long as I can remember in my business, I haven’t had a target audience, or it have always been too broad. I am a born people pleaser and it has created huge problems for me in my business and I am still finding it difficult to set boundaries and just market to a certain audience.

You may relate to this. As a fitness instructor I could teach everything, exercise to music, dance, yoga, Pilates. I could do this because in my first job as a fitness instructor I had to, and it was okay because I was getting a full-time income regardless of what I taught. But as I went into my own business, I continued to teach everything and my only audience specific was that my classes were for women – all women. Very broad and harder to market to.

In the beginning it was fine, my classes were very busy, but I just continued to add to my array of classes making my audience broader!

Can you relate?

I soon realised that my success would be found in finding a niche audience or speciality. And this is what you need to start to think of from now on, especially when you start to take your business online.

So, who is your audience going to be?

Start by asking yourself these questions…

  1. What are you best at in your physical business? – Do you love teaching Pilates more then any other class? Are you best at working with special populations or back injuries?
  2. Who do you enjoy working with? – Men, women, younger or older, Gym based participants or class-based participants
  3. What do you have the most solutions too? – Do you mostly help with motivating people? Correcting technique and posture? Helping people build strength? Helping people improve their running?
  4. What do people ask you the most? – Sometimes your biggest clue to your speciality is what people naturally come to you for? How do you help them?
  5. What do you hate? There’s no point in building a business that you hate even if you’re good at it. Start to focus on what you enjoy teaching in your business and who you enjoy teaching it too!

Let me know in the comments who your niche and target audience is or post your questions if you're having trouble deciding!

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