Episode #12 - Charge Higher Prices with These Simple Mindset Shifts!

Episode #12

In this podcast episode we tackle the topic of charging higher prices as fitness professionals.

It's common for us to undervalue our services, thinking that we shouldn't charge our worth because we are in the business of helping others with their health. But it's time to challenge that mindset and recognise our true value.

In this episode, I draw inspiration from powerful quotes that shed light on the importance of charging what we deserve. We dive deep into each quote and explore why it resonates with our profession. It's time to break free from the notion that our value decreases based on someone's inability to recognise our worth.

How we price ourselves sets the tone for how others perceive our value. We discuss the significance of teaching others to pay us what we deserve and the impact it has on our fitness business and industry as a whole. Additionally, we explore the concept of service without sacrificing ourselves and how to avoid setting ourselves on fire to keep others warm.

Lastly, we delve into the idea of knowing our worth and acknowledging the sacrifices we've made to get to where we are today. It's time to embrace our value and charge accordingly.

Don't miss this thought-provoking episode! Tune in now and listen to the discussion on charging higher prices as fitness instructors . Share your thoughts by commenting below the podcast. It's time to step into your worth and elevate your business to new heights!


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