Guest Episode #1 - Overcoming Fears, Filling Classes & Going Online with Katy from SOSA Dance Fitness

Guest podcast E#1 - Katy Barrow

IHMFB podcast with guest Katy SOSA

I'm super excited to have my first podcast guest Katy from SOSA Dance Fitness!

It was such a pleasure to chat with Katy and pick her brains about everything from overcoming fears to go for those big fitness business goals (from setting up your first community classes to how she created her own dance fitness brand!), how to fill classes and her experience and the benefits of going during the pandemic and staying online.

Plus I share why I wanted Katy as my first guest on the podcast and how she's been an inspiration in my own fitness journey!

If you'd love to know more about Katy and SOSA Dance Fitness (& I highly recommend your do) then please explore the links below 👇🏻

Please visit our website for more information about classes and Instructor Training Courses at

 Follow on Facebook /SOSAFitness

Twitter @SOSAFit

Follow in Instagram /sosadancefit

LinkedIn /katy-barrow-a2541b61


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