Are You a Fitness/Wellness Business Owner Who;

  • Cannot Physically Take on Any More Hours to Increase Your Income

  • Is Constantly Chasing an Algorithm or 'Quick-Fix Marketing' to Attract New Clients

  • Is Contemplating That Part-Time Job to Make Life Less Overwhelming & to End the Hall-to-Hall, Back-to-Back Client Rat Race?!





If So, Get the Ultimate Step-by-Step FitBiz Foundationals™ Framework That Helps You;


  • Build Unshakeable Belief in You, Your Services & Your Fitness Business so You Become an Incomparable Expert in What You Do

  • Lay All the Foundations That Make Running a Business Less Time Consuming & More Profitable

  • Effortlessly Set up Robust Timeless Marketing Systems in Place for Fast, Long Lasting, Sustainable & Repeatable Fitness Business Success!


All So You Can;

  • Work Less Hours yet Make More Money Take More Time off

  • Spend Less Time of the 'Business/Admin/Marketing' Side of Your Business and More Time Doing What You Love

  • Turn Your Business into a Time-Effective, Money Making Machine Practically on Auto Pilot!







I was really tired of teaching all the classes...

...and worried about how I’ll cope as I get older. I knew I needed to learn how to go online but couldn’t teach myself so that’s why this appealed to me.

It was a bit scary to invest but I could see that it would benefit me in the long run. Once I had talked to Charlotte over the phone, I trusted her.

I liked the structure of the course because I could simply work my way through the lessons and modules. The calls helped me enormously!

The course content was extremely valuable. I think the course covers everything and if there’s something I specifically needed help with, the zoom calls answer all my questions.

The most valuable parts of the course were learning how to use Simplero, learning how to advertise on Facebook and all the social media tips.

I would recommend it. I would say if you are committed to running a fitness business it will help you every step of the way. You can work through the modules at your own pace and if you get stuck, Charlotte’s there to help you.

Charlotte Bly

Hi Fabulous Fit Pro!

I'm Charlotte Brawn

As you may or may not know, supporting fitness instructors in creating a more profitable fitness business without burnout is something I am HUGELY passionate about!



I am here to help you avoid inevitable burnout & move into feeling wildly confident with creating a FitBiz that is profitable & easy to run!


earning more, working less, helping more clients, and running a fitness business with more energy & passion.


I am here to help you remove...


  • The daily rat-race from venue to venue/gym to gym/client to client
  • Exhaustion & over working
  • The frustration of low income/inconsistent income months
  • The uncertainty and fear in your current fitness business

AND help you to create more time, energy, freedom, clarity, flexibility, passion, better health & better wealth!




No matter what your fitness career background is, despite the obstacles you face at the moment...



-or in the past, and regardless of your future goals & plans. YOU CAN DO THIS!



The fitness business freedom & abundance you desire is obtainable.



I want to support you in setting yourself on the path to a new & very different experience with running a fitness business.


And help you generate an income without teaching 20+ classes every week!



If generating consistent income, while working less hours in your fitness business, has previously been a frustration, a struggle or an unimaginable reality  -

{often highlighting for you all the things you can't do, have, or achieve}


 - it's probably nearly impossible for you to contemplate it being a possibility for you?!


It's hard to imagine that marketing your fitness business could be easy & achievable for you




It's time to redefine your fitness business!



To set foundations that are 100x more profitable than any quick fix marketing strategy.



To change the way you generate an income.



To find flexibility & freedom in your fitness business & life.



AND to serve your clients, plus 100x more potential clients, in a different way!



And I'm here to support you all the way!



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"I love clear road maps of processes. I'm a very visual person & learner."

Get on the Fast Track to Long Lasting Fitness Business Success!

Whether you are...


...just starting out...

...have been in business for years but want to level up & get rapid income growth...

or if you want to transition online...


The Ultimate Fitness Business Academy can help you find:


Work the hours you want, work with the clients you want, teach only the classes you love & have more TIME OFF!

Higher, Consistent Income

Get more aligned clients & class participants into your business, create passive income streams & know exactly how to generate more income, regardless of the economy!

A Renewed PASSION for Your FitBiz!

No more burnout, do what you love with ease, run your Fitness Business around your time-freedom life rather than your life around a time consuming business!

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The Ultimate Fitness Business Academy black logo

An All-Inclusive Training Program & Live Coaching Experience for Fitness & Wellness Business Owners Who Want to Generate a Higher Income While Helping 10x More Clients!



“The course has been fun, challenging and personally rewarding.

I would never have achieved what I’ve done without Charlotte’s consistent support.

I definitely would have given up on all the techy stuff had she not been there to help!”


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End the Exhaustion & Overwhelm of Trying to Do ALL the Things to Grow Your Fitness Business!

The Academy Can save You the Time & Money That You're Spending Trialling All the Things...


...That Might Not Even Be Working to Get You Success!

The Ultimate Fitness Business Academy gives you a start to finish system that helps you eliminate the noise & overwhelm of trying to reach everyone, & do everything!


- So you can reach the most amazing clients that love what you do & are willing to pay you for it!


Module 1 -

How to Maximise Your Mindset for Unshakeable Growth & Success

In This Module:

  • How to clear out those limiting beliefs that crop up at every level, growth & income spirt

  • Discover THE best ways to use mindset exercises on a daily basis – with a 30 day plan to follow too!

  • The 3 Exercises that build up unshakeable belief in YOU, YOUR SERVICES & why ONLY YOU can deliver what you do!

  • Learn how to find your triggers and self sabotaging behaviours so you can stop them in their tracks

  • Overcome your fears of charging your worth & charging higher prices!

  • My exclusive subconscious upload audios & meditations {& how to create your own} so you can manifest success in your sleep!

Module 2 -

Knowing What You Do & Who It's for so You Never Run out of Paying Clients

In This Module:

  • Get super focused on how to create a fitness business that you love, you’re great at, helps the right people, makes you the most money & works around the life you want.

  • Discover the Exclusive Client Profile Creator that helps you reveal what your clients really want & how to speak directly to them so they buy every time!

  • The 2 most crucial focus points in your business that you need to decide upon before anything else in your business can work

  • How to become an incomparable expert & make competition irrelevant – while raising your prices & never giving discounts!

  • The formula to help you create the RIGHT services, or tweaking the ones you have, so your clients will be queuing up to buy!


Module 3 -

How to Turn Your Business into a Time Efficient, High-Profit, Money-Generating Machine the Works for YOU!

In This Module:

  • The processes & systems that turn your business into a time efficient, high-profit money-generating machine the works FOR YOU!

  • The simple system that turns strangers into fans, into subscribers and into paying customers

  • The ‘Kill 5 birds with 1 stone’ content creation formula to get you off of the overwhelming content creation treadmill

  • Easy automations that save you HOURS every week!

  • Shortcuts to reducing the hours you work & the time you’re wasting being BUSY!


Module 4 -

How to Personalise Marketing so You LOVE IT...& It Works on Repeat!

In This Module:

  • The checklist & formula to personalise marketing so it suits your strengths & personality so you LOVE it & you feel great about doing it!

  • The simple marketing that can be done on repeat & bring in clients on repeat!

  • The COPY template that speaks directly to the RIGHT clients & converts them to paying clients with ease

  • Easy marketing automations that save you HOURS every week!

  • Shortcuts & tricks that make it EASY for clients to find you AND pay you!


Module 5 -

How to Maximise Your Income per Paying Client so You Don’t Need to Find New Ones

In This Module:

  • Zeroing in on what your client needs to maximise their transformation & maximise your income

  • The simple system that boosts your income per client so you don’t need to find new ones

  • The ‘next level’ formula that predicts what your clients need next so you can offer it, immediately!

  • Easy sales automations that make you extra income from clients already buying WITHOUT having to ask them directly OR advertise!

  • Shortcuts to new income opportunities that do not require more work or physical hours


Module 6 -

How to Make Your Fitness Business a Low Maintenance Money-Making Machine

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Choose the Best FitBiz Academy Plan That Works Best for You!

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You're Protected by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

But Wait There's More...

Bonus Course #1 - Defining a FitBiz That FITS the Life You Want!

Do you feel like you're sacrificing your life to fit around your fitness business rather than shaping your fitness business to fit around your life?

This bonus course helps you to find clarity so you can build a fitness business that fits the LIFE you want to create, rather than taking on all opportunities, clients & hours that contributes to your fitness business becoming your life.

This is super important for a business that is not only successful financially but also gives you time freedom to live FULLY!

Value: £97 / $116 

✔ FREE - Included with The Ultimate Fitness Business Academy!



Bonus Course #4 - Setting up an Online Fitness Business with Payhip

A Beginners Course to Creating an Online Fitness Service/Product in 10 Days!!!

This is the simplest way to create something online so you can start making in income FAST! It's a step by step guide to show you what to do in the shortest time possible if you haven't got a website but you'd like a simple, free way to host & something online.

Value: £97 / $116

✔ FREE - Included with The Ultimate Fitness Business Academy!




Yes! That's Right!

I'm Giving You over £1779 in Bonus Masterclasses & Tutorials Because I Want You to THRIVE!!!



"Charlotte is an amazing coach.

She held my hand when I needed it & guided me so positively. She believed in me and helped me progress my ideas.

I'm excited to see where my business can go"



Join Our Bi-Weekly Group Call via Zoom to Get YOUR Questions & Struggles Answered...


...PLUS Learn from What Others in the Academy Are Asking and Share Experiences & Successes along the Way!

These calls will provide guidance & coaching from the moment you join the Academy to anytime you need them.


They'll answer questions submitted by Academy clients, including your questions, and will help you stay focused on your Fitness Business Growth!

fitness instructors



Everything Is Online. Learn at Your Own Pace, Anytime. Anywhere!

The Ultimate Fitness Business Academy content is 100% online via your own private membership area AND via the app! This means you can watch the bite-sized videos between classes and clients, on the weekend in your pyjamas or binge watch when you have more free time to spare!

There's no behind, simply follow and implement the modules at your own pace, take long breaks when life happens and get back to it when you're ready to.

AND as these are the foundations for business you can return to them over and over again when launching a new services...or building a second business! 😜


30 day guarantee


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Academy content, experience, lifetime access & support has the power to profoundly change your Fitness Business & life BUT if within your first 30 days you feel it's not for you then you can contact me at, fill out a quick feedback for and I'll refund you, in full.

No fuss and no cancellation fees.

Let's Sum It up, Fabulous Fit Pro! 😜


The Ultimate Fitness Business Academy:

The Step-by-Step, Buildable Foundations for Long-Lasting Fitness Business Success, Online & Offline!

Fitness Business Academy

This core training of The FitBiz Foundationals™ gives you the proven, lasting principles & skills you need to start, build, grow, launch and scale your Fitness Business.

These foundations are timeless, classic trainings that always outrun any quick-fix marketing strategy or get-rich-quick schemes that you may be chasing in order to gain massive success in your business...that usually result in short term success or no success at all!

Value - £13,769



Focused Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Charlotte



You get live access to me, Charlotte, every other week via zoom to answer your questions, resolve your struggles and provide high level support throughout your journey of growing a fitness business to the level of success that you desire!



Unlimited Email Support & Post Module Feedback



Some module have check in/feedback points where you can submit your 'work' and get my feedback. This is great to keep yourself accountable, get outside eyes and fresh ideas on your fitness business and also help you to avoid mistakes and potential set backs before they happen.





The BONUS courses:

Fitness Business Academy


  • Defining a FitBiz that FITS the life you want! {£97}
  • Mastering SEO {£197}
  • Gaining new clients with Facebook Ads {£479}
  • Setting up online with Payhip {£97}
  • Building your FitBiz & App with Simplero {£579}
  • 1 years access to The FitBiz Masterclass Membership {£330}

Value: £1,779





What You Invest for It

- £1,997


Get Started Now!

Choose the Best FitBiz Academy Plan That Works Best for You!

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What Makes The Ultimate Fitness Business Academy Different

Bite-Sized Training & Time-Efficient

Unlike other trainings that can include hour long trainings & modules to dedicate time to, The Academy is all tailored to bite-sized training with no video or section being longer than 20 minutes. I know what it's like to build a business in your car between classes & clients so I've got you covered!

A Timeless Step-by-Step Process

One thing I get asked A LOT is 'Can't you just tell me what to do & in what order to do it in?' And yes I can & it's exactly how I've formatted the content in The FitBiz Academy!

You no longer have question if what you're doing is right or if it's what you should be doing first, you can simply follow & implement the modules in order & start to see your fitness business build momentum! PLUS this process is TIMELESS & won't be affected by a changing algorithm!

Smart, Practical Feedback

In The FitBiz Academy, you not only get opportunity to submit your 'work' to Charlotte at the end of each module & receive feedback, advice & recommended changes for faster success BUT you also get access to the bi-weekly group calls where you can get your questions answer in real time...for life!

Business isn't a one & done thing so you get a support system for every stage, level and growth of your business! Just keep coming back when you need help!

Location Freedom!

Hands up if you've spent more on travel & accommodation to attend a course then you did on investing in the actual course. 🙋‍♀️

With The FitBiz Academy you get access to the content online via the membership site or app so you can dive in anytime, anywhere and for as long as you like! It doesn't require long weekends of travel & set times & days for training. It can be done as and when it suits you with the same -if not a higher- level of support then a weekend training.

Can I get a 🙌for no longer needing to take frantic notes - that you never look at again-  so you don't forget it all when you get home!

A Mentor Who's Been Where You Are Now!

The majority of fitness business coaches are usually male PT's or business coaches who have never worked in the industry. While these coaches are great & generally know their stuff they sometimes do not understand fully the demands, insecurities and struggles placed on group fitness instructors.

In the FitBiz Academy you are learning from someone who has literally done it all in the industry & still actively runs a fitness business. I have, and continue to, try, test & use everything I teach in the Academy.

I know your struggles because I've been through them and overcome them. I see you, I feel you, I am you! We're in this together!

100% Money Back Guarantee

I don't take your investment in yourself & your fitness business lightly! I myself have been in the position of investing in mentoring where the price felt way out of my comfort zone. That's why you get a 30 day money back guarantee so you can join us for 30 days and if it really isn't for you, you can get your money back.

It's risk free. You have nothing to lose and a thriving fitness business to gain!

The Ultimate Fitness Business Academy Is Right for You If You...

✔ Know that you're great at what you do but just need the business guidance & tools to make a profitable business from it

✔ Want a step by step process that prioritises focus, action & results!

✔ Want the freedom to learn at your own pace but also love support & community to keep you motivated & on track.

✔ Trust yourself to trust the process and to learn by implementing & doing

✔ Know deep down that everything is possible for you & are ready to build that belief so it's unshakeable!

✔ Know that your success requires your focus, discipline & to do the work required but it is also down to your openness for things to be simpler, easier & personalised to your strengths & personality.

Unwrap your fitness business




The Ultimate Fitness Business Academy Is NOT for You If You...

✔ Are looking for someone to do all the work for you

✔ Want advice on legal, tax and VAT requirements

✔ Want a 'get rich quick' scheme that doesn't involve any effort

{note: this doesn't exist}

✔ Want your hand held through every small step - Yes I am here to help and you get high level support but ultimately what YOU put in is what YOU get out

✔ Get discouraged & give up if you try something once & it doesn't work - business is about trial & error. While everything I teach works it also requires consistency & the ability to tailor it so it works FOR YOU & your fitness business, something I support you with throughout the Academy.

✔ Want quick results that don't last -  We are building a Fitness Business that LASTS A LIFETIME which means we set deep rooted foundations so you have a rock solid  business that is profitable for the long haul. 

online fitness app



Any Questions?!

You've Got Questions? I've Got Answers!

I've been working with fitness professionals for a while now & have seen first-hand how The Ultimate Fitness Business Academy can make a difference in their lives.

Here are some answers to questions that you may have been asking yourself, and ultimately why investing in The FitBiz Academy is one of the best decisions you can make.

I understand that investing in getting the help you need can be a big decision, so if you have any other questions that aren't covered below, please reach out by clicking here!.

I understand that it's hard to justify paying for a course when you've tried everything else and nothing has worked. I can tell you why I think this will work for you, but honestly, the best way to learn whether or not it will is to just try it! You get a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked, so you have nothing to lose.

I have also personally tried A LOT of different courses in the past and I can honestly say they all worked BUT only when I committed and implemented everything I was being taught - trust me I invested in course after course frustrated that nothing was working. Then when I run out of money to invest in more, I went back over all the previous courses I had invested in and implemented them 100%, and guess what - THEY WORKED! 

I want to make sure you feel confident with your purchase, so we created a 30 day money back guarantee policy. That way, if you decide The FitBiz Academy isn’t right for you, there is no harm done. I want you to invest in yourself  & your fitness business because I know it will pay off in the end.

When I invested big money {9x the investment of the Academy} in learning how to grow my business I asked myself these questions:

'How much longer can I go on, doing what I am doing now?'


'How many more years is it going to take me to figure this out on my own?'

When I answered these questions the investment I was making was more than worth!

If you’re looking for a way to fast track your success and get your business to the next level then this The FitBiz Academy is for you. When something is important to you, you make time. 

With The FitBiz Academy, you will learn how to adjust your mindset, develop structured plans, take action and have the accountability to keep at it. You need the right support and tools to achieve big things. I offer you both of these along with accountability,  check-ins and a huge level of support.

Play all the training is is bite-sized videos so you can listen to them on the go, between classes and clients and in those pockets of time that you do have available.

I try and change up timings of the live calls but, depending on where you are based you may not be able to catch them live, calls will usually be between 1pm-5pm UK time.

BUT they are all recorded to catch up on and you can submit your questions, struggles etc prior to the call so I can cover it on the call.

I'd also like to add that I give video feedback for clients. If you submit a question or would like feedback throughout the modules, outside of the live calls, I usually send you a loom video with feedback so you can visually see and hear the feedback given {sometimes this is a screen share video especially if you need feed back about techy or website stuff.}

YES! The Ultimate Fitness Business Academy is all about making your fitness business easier to run while at the same time freeing up more time to live a full life while making a bigger income!

You may already have a profitable business but you're working ALL the hours. - The FitBiz Academy can help you keep your profitability AND  reduce your hours!

Or you may have lots of clients but could do with scaling your business so you can serve more clients WITHOUT investing more time. The foundations and practices in The Ultimate Fitness Business Academy can help you set up services that can give your clients a high level of support, and increased income for your business, yet not be maxed out with 1-2-1 sessions or adding in more classes.

It works for any and all businesses!

As soon as you sign up!

You get access to the  content, community & support the moment you sign up! PLUS you get lifetime access because business doesn't have an end destination - its full of ups and downs - which is why The FitBiz Academy is something you can get training & support from over and over again!

Life might happen, but The FitBiz Academy will be there when you need it. Whether that's going all in and implementing all the content or mastering each section in your own time.


You might go through the content every time you launch a new service or want a new income growth!

Although the academy isn't directly a 1-2-1 services you get an extremely high level of 1-2-1 support!

I check in with clients at a 1-2-1 level. I provide email & video feedback to clients on a 1-2-1 level and I answer all individual questions via the group coaching calls.

1-2-1 coaching calls are an add on service to the academy BUT the groups calls and all the email feedback is delivered by Charlotte, no one else.

The groups calls can be full of clients or 1-2-1 depending on how many questions have been submitted that week BUT ALL QUESTIONS will be answered and resolved on each call with the opportunity for you to speak directly with Charlotte on the call.

Note: The Bi-weekly group calls can often turn out to be 1-2-1 calls PLUS you get to learn from ALL the questions submitted. Some may be what just what you need answered without even realising it!

It's a powerful group coaching program where you're never alone AND you have a like-minded community to share your thoughts & struggles with.

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If You've Read This Far...


Ask yourself these questions:

What if just one module in The Ultimate Fitness Business Academy...

Helps you generate double the income in your business, giving you and your family more time and more freedom to live more comfortably?!


What if The FitBiz Foundationals™ in The Ultimate Fitness Business Academy...

helps you to help 100x more clients & customers...WITHOUT adding more physical hours to your business?

What if one of the systems you implement in The Ultimate Fitness Business Academy...

frees up HOURS each week? What impact would that have on your quality of life, relationships, income, energy...?

What would those changes honestly be worth to you over a lifetime?



You have nothing to lose and the Fitness Business of your dreams to gain!

Do Not Play down the HUGE Role You as a Fitness/Wellness Professional Plays in the World!

You change peoples lives!

Start making the bigger impact you were born to make...without the sacrifice of your own time, energy & income!


Fitness class routines inspiration


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Have Any Additional Questions?

Get the answers so you can feel confident that this is the best choice for you.

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