Guest Episode #4 - Taking Your FitBiz Online & What That Means for Instructors & the Industry


Over the last few years the fitness industry has changed. We were forced to do things differently through the COVID 19 pandemic but would this change have been so rapid without the pandemic?!

In this weeks podcast I am joined by Charlotte Bly & Ali Bailey of Choreo Now! We discuss what going online has meant for the fitness industry and the pros and cons of our new online status!

Charlotte & Ali share their journeys, their insights, tips & advice for instructors as well as more details about their exciting new project, Choreo Now. I am so excited for you to listen to this episode! Please share your insights, thoughts and questions in the comments orreach out!

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CHOREO NOW is a one-stop content video library for all your fitness class planning needs. Created by Ali and Charlotte, who have years of experience within the active ageing market

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