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The Success & Growth Members Club for Fitness/Wellbeing Instructors & Business Owners

Make a Full-Time Income Online & Offline, Teach Fully-Booked Classes, Master Your Marketing & Get New Online Clients

{without having to pound the pavements with another leaflet drop, spend 24/7 on social media & hours trying to figure out how to make your FitBiz work}

Get masterclasses, resources, templates, real time support, community & access anytime, anywhere from Industry Experts!



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Industry Guest Experts!

Charlotte & Ali, Choreo Now

Our Guest Experts Charlotte Simmons & Ali Bailey from Choreo Now guide us through how to create the perfect class format to help you retain your clients long-term and achieve fitness business success!

m a collective 50 years of experience in the fitness industry!

Wherever you're at in your business, whether you're new or have been doing it for years, here's what you're going to learn from this masterclass:

  1. How to plan your classes so it doesn't take hours and hours

  2. Overcoming fitness class choreography blocks

  3. How to stop jumping on 'the next big thing' in the fitness industry and create your own freestyle classes that your clients will LOVE

  4. Finding a class format/plan that you love teaching and that fill your classes with loyal people who keep coming back!

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This Is the Fitness Business 'Google' That Helps You Create, Market, Grow & Elevate Your Fitness Business Success!

...Online, Offline & Beyond!




If you...


🧘‍♀️ Want to start fitness or wellness business

💪 Already have a fitness business you want to grow

💻 Have a  fitness business your want to take online

🙋‍♀️ Have a community fitness business where you'd like to teach fully booked classes


Then The Fitness Business Masterclass Membership is going to show you exactly how to make it a happen!


-with time-effective trainings that you can access anytime, anywhere!


Our aim is to teach you how to make an income doing something you love without burnout & overwhelm.


-AND at the same time connect with fitness professionals on a similar journey, so you're never alone!

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This is the membership for fitness professionals who were meant to change the lives of everyone they help through fitness & wellness!


...and do it on a big scale without exhaustion or burnout!



We Would Love For You to Join Us!

£19.99 /month 

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14 day money back guarantee. Cancel anytime!

You'll Get Instant Access To👇🏻

A Thriving FitBiz Checklist

 Providing you with the step-by-step process to start, grow, & scale your fitness business to fully booked & thriving! 

It guides you through each masterclass for every stage of your Fitness Business & so much more!

Transformational Masterclasses..., techniques & tutorials that can be personalised for any fitness & wellbeing business!

Trainings & masterclasses on Mindset, Social Media, Email, Website, Marketing, Time Management, Content Creation, Going Online, Video, Classes & Services...

An Ever-Growing Resources Library

... with mindset meditations, workbooks, templates, and planners.

Resources include; 10 day, 30 day & 90 day goal setting planners, class planner, to do list pintable's, checklists...


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Hi Fabulous Fit Pro,

Fitness entrepreneur & online fitness business mentor with over 12 years experience in the fitness industry!

I know there is an income-generating, time abundant, energetic fitness business owner inside of you waiting to be unleashed.

You dream of helping thousands of clients without exhaustion, burnout & working all the hours under the sun! – A fitness business that includes more freedom, more abundance, more clients...& one that fits around your life rather than fitting your life around your fitness business!. 

It's possible & you can do it!

You’ve helped lots of clients, taught busy fitness classes, made a great income {or not?!} but you're now limited to how much more income you can generate & time you can invest because you're full to capacity, or struggling to figure out the how's.

I’m here to help. You can earn more, work less & help 10x more clients while still doing what you love! 

Consider me your very own fitness business personal trainer!

With my own personal experience of burn out & exhaustion as a fitness professional, teaching 20+classes per week for nearly 10 years leading to hospitalisation & zero income for 3 months, I am passionate about creating an industry of ABUNDANT Fit Pros!

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You'll Get Instant Access To👇🏻

The Members-Only Facebook Group

...for accountability, like-minded instructor connection, and high level support.

Feedback on Your Fitness Business

Available in the members-only Facebook group so you get ‘outside’ eyes on what might not be working for you


Access to the Bi-Weekly Q&As

Get your questions & your struggles answered in real time live of on catch up!

Last Month's Industry Guest Expert!

Shelly, The Mindful FitPro

Learn how to balance your nervous system with The Mindful Fit Pro Shelly's amazing workshop inside The Fitness Business Masterclass Membership! 🙌

Discover the power of resonance breathing and find ease during times of anxiety or when imposter syndrome creeps in before class!😌

Join now and get access to this recorded workshop and so much more. 💻

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to improve your mental wellbeing and enhance your fitness instruction skills. 🤩

Sign up today!

Access Shelly's Workshop NOW!

Follow Shelly

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"If You Are Not Willing to Learn, No One Can Help You.

If You Are Determined to Learn, No One Can Stop You"

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Masterclasses Already Available 👇🏻

Socially Fit -Effortless Social Media for Fit Pros

{Value £97}

Creating the Ultimate Fitness Membership Experience

{Value £47}

How to Build an Email List like a {Fit} Pro

{Value £47}


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14 day money back guarantee. Cancel Anytime!

"Don't Let the Fact That You Don't Know What You're Doing Stop You from Doing Anything."

-Neil Strauss

Masterclasses Available RIGHT NOW!👇🏻

Transitioning from Community/Group Fitness to Online

{Value £47}

Creating an Online Income with Just a PDF

{Value £47}

Turning Your Pre-Recorded Sessions into an Online Course You Can Sell on Repeat

{Value £47}


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The Membership Is for Fitness & Wellbeing Professionals Who...👇🏻

  • Have very little time between classes to learn all the 'business stuff'
  • Would like the confidence to charge higher prices & transition online
  • Would like to learn more about marketing that doesn't take hours
  • Need basic tutorials on the 'techy' stuff
  • Are are feeling lonely in business & would like a go-to community & resource for help anytime
  • Would like a 'go-to' business resources that they can access anytime & doesn't require 'completing modules'
  • Are looking for high-end Fitness Business training with the high price tag
  • Want business & marketing resources that can be personalised to your strengths & personality
  • Want the latest marketing & social media how-to's in bite-sized training videos & template


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14 day money back guarantee. Cancel Anytime!

 "Be Willing to Go All out in Pursuit of Your Dreams.

Ultimately It Will Pay Off.

Your Are More Powerful than You Think Your Are.

Go for It!"

- Les Brown

Get Instant Access to👇🏻

Fill Your Class While Building Your Email List

{Value £27}

The Fitness Business Printables Bundle

{Value £9}

Growing Your Fitness Business Using Instagram

(Value £27}


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14 day money back guarantee. Cancel Anytime!

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Access via your phone, tablet or laptop with app & website access!

In the Members-Only Facebook Group You'll Get;

Your Questions & Struggles Answered & Solved

Feedback on Your Fitness Business & Advice on How to Move Forward

A Community of like-Minded Female Fitness & Wellbeing Professionals


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Got a Question?

Take a look & see if your questions are answered below - If not reach out at

Firstly this isn't a course. It's a collection of trainings which makes it easier for you to select what you really need for YOUR fitness business rather then investing in a course that is just one set way of growing a business.

Secondly, we know you are short on time and probably overwhelmed with actually running a business, so the membership enables you to use the time you DO have to learn what you DO need, rather then spending hours trying to implement everything at once! 

Thirdly, The monthly fee doesn't break the bank. It's affordable yet highly valuable.

No. It's for fitness and wellbeing professionals at all stages of business. Business is a never ending journey of growth. There's new ways of doing things that may not have worked for you before but will work now. All the trainings are adaptable for any fitness or wellbeing business. You can take what you need from the trainings and resources.

Yes, you have 14 days to claim a refund from the day you join us if you feel it's not for you. This gives you the opportunity to look around and see if you will find it valuable. Plus, you can cancel anytime!

Yes, there will trainings that you may not need immediately but there are also trainings that can really help you get started. We also have The Thriving FitBiz Checklist which takes you through each stage of business and masterclasses are relevant for that stage, so you can simply work your way through each training.

No, you pay one monthly fee and have access to all the content, including new trainings & resources that are added monthly, for as long as you are a member.

You are not locked in. You can cancel at anytime.

Yes and it's cheaper! You get one month free when you pay annually! Click here 

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Access via your phone, tablet or laptop with app & website access!

Did I mention that👇🏻

It's Only £19.99 per Month

You Can Cancel Anytime

There Is a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee


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"What you do implement today will start to pay off in 3-6 months. Act Accordingly."


industry masterclasses & resources


We’ll Help Your Fitness Business Thrive in Small Pockets of Time!

Learning how to run a fully booked, profitable business shouldn't take you hours!

Bite-Sized, Step By Step Training

Dive in & out of trainings between classes {& life} & implement small stapes at a time, this accumulates to BIG results!

Resources to Keep You Focused

Our printable planners will help you set your Fitness Business Goals & stick to them! You can also use the members-only Facebook group to stay accountable!


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Learn All The Skills Required to Build A Thriving Fitness Business

These are the areas we cover in The Fitness Business Masterclass Membership

Social Media



Emails & List Building

Going Online


Creating Content


Time Management

Fully Booked Classes

"You Will Never Win If You Never Begin."


- Helen Rowland

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