Guest Episode #5 -How to Build a Loyal Tribe of Clients & Why It's so Important


What if you could care a little less about finding new clients & keep the ones you have coming back over & over again for consistent, repeatable income?

Well, you can. In this special guest episode of the podcast, with the super amazing Anna Martin of AMF World, we talk extensively about how to build a loyal tribe. There's some gold dust, dynamite practical advice in this podcast that you an implement immediately! 

This is the second podcast episode with Anna (click here to listen to our first one!) and as always we run way over the preferred 30 minute time limit! But it's always well worth it. Myself and Anna have a shared passion of helping fitness professionals and Anna is your go-to legend for Group Exercise advice, support and resources!

All the information about how you can connect with Anna and get access to the amazing AMF World Fitness Library is below (make sure to take advantage of the exclusive discount code!)



A Freestyle group exercise resource for instructors designed to supercharge your timetable. Our Fitness Library has over 2000 videos across dance fitness, combat, flow, aerobics, step, booty & abs blast & more. Hundreds of technique videos to ensure your maximise your resistance training coaching. Everything you need to bring freestyle to your timetable and stand out in the crowd

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Other resources:

Rave Tone
Hype Dance Fit
Step Instructor CPD


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