Guest Episode #7 - Making Your Fitness Business Work for Menopausal Clients


In this guest expert episode of the podcast I am joined by Christien Bird from The Menopause Movement and we are discussing how you can make your fitness business work for menopausal clients.

We talk about the basics of working with women into menopause and how to retain them as clients that stay with you for a lifetime, what shifts can you as a fitness professional make in how to train women into the menopause, what barriers to exercise do women in menopause experience, and how can fitness professionals break down these barriers!

Plus we look at why the focus is on movement when it comes to menopause and how can the Menopause Movement Training Programme can help fitness professionals.

This was such an insightful podcast episode to record and not only for those who currently train menopausal women but for all fitness professionals. I high recommend checking out the Menopause Movement and their training programme PLUS their free webinars!

Menopause movement

The Menopause Movement®
e-learning course for professionals
Menopause Movement's comprehensive e-learning course is for health professionals, fitness professionals, gyms, leisure centres, clinics, public sector and NHS providers.

Take away the knowledge and practical skills needed to work with menopausal women to improve their minds and bodies.

Our course will equip you with the most up to date information, so you can teach, treat or train women going into the menopause with confidence.

Insta: @menopause
Linkedin: Menopause Movement
twitter: @Menopausemove

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