Blog 11: Navigating the New Normal: How Group Fitness Instructors Can Thrive Online without Feeling Left Behind

Blog 11 -Navigating the new normal

Are you feeling left behind in a world that's drastically moving online to survive?

Group fitness instructors are not known for teaching to a screen or even working on to one. The clue is the the job role title, 'group'. You're known for teaching to groups, for creating a sense of community and to make someone's fitness journey a less lonely one. So moving online and on demand may have been a big shock to the system, a huge test of your skills, and confidence, and it may have created fear and anxiety of an unknown situation that doesn't quite feel right to you.

I feel you and although there's some normality returning things will never quite be the same, right? Maybe you have fears of a second wave to this pandemic? Maybe you feel like you haven't got the skills or confidence to build online? Maybe your feel worried that your Fit Biz may get left behind if you're not online?

These are all valid fears and worries and they can all be solved to doing what's right for you and finding your own solutions. It's easy to compare and go through all the 'shoulds' but here's the thing - nobody is you and and therefore you will never be left behind. There will always be someone wanting what you have to offer - because it's you that's offering it.

Here's some tips for getting ahead for your Fit Biz...

  1. Always think about what you have to offer, not what you should be offering.
  2. Focus on your strengths and use those to enhance your Fit Biz online and offline.
  3. Maybe you're not online savvy - yet - that doesn't mean you can't begin to learn. Write a list of all the things you were once bad at that you have now mastered like it's second nature! Still think you can't learn to go online?!
  4. Listen to your people. So what if others are going online, if it's not what your clients want than listen to them, there will always be a market for what you have to offer, you just have to listen.
  5. Never compare your beginner journey to someone else's more experienced highlight reel. They were probably once in your shoes and most probably are still thinking they are left behind compared to another person's success. You are always winning in your journey, because its yours and no one else's

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Kerry Dennis

I needed to read this right now. Thank you Charlotte xx

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Charlotte Brawn

Glad it helped! xx

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