Blog 2: 10 Online Fitness Business Ideas...

10 Online Fitness Business Ideas...

Maybe you want to take you Fitness Business online but you're not really sure what to do and how to do it.

Let just start by brainstorming what you could create to start you online Fit Biz dream. Once you have an idea of what you think like to create you can then start take the next step and discover how you can do that!

Here's 10 ideas for you to have a think about!...

  1. An ebook - from 'How to...' ebooks to recipes ebooks to Pilates guide ebooks. This list is endless and you have the knowledge and the resources to make one and make extra income by selling it online!
  2.  A video course - Using just an iphone and an email automation you can create a video course based on the knowledge you'd like to share. It could be a workout programme to a 'How to...' video course or something that people what to know that you have to offer.
  3. Webinar/ masterclass - Little tools and resources are needed to create this and you can host a masterclass online - and make money from it!
  4. Network marketing - Using an external company to provide you with the products and services so you get the easy job of offering it to your audience.
  5. An audio - This is great if you're a meditation teacher. You could provide meditation to your audience outside of classes, and for an additional charge.
  6. Social media posts - Believe it or not but you can make money from the social media graphics you create. If you're great at social media post you could help other instructors who aren't so good.
  7. Online Personal training sessions - Sell your created sessions for those you can't get a session with you. It provides them with the opportunity to work with you and you never miss out on income.
  8. Online classes - Provide you class participants with online classes they can purchase for times they can't attend or for those who would love to attend you class but have other commitments at the same time.
  9. Online memberships - A monthly membership that clients can log into and get access to workouts, nutrition or whatever else you'd like to offer.
  10.  Instructor Training - Do you have a fitness class idea or concept that you'd love to turn into an instructor training? 

These are just 10 ideas! The list is endless!!! Feel free to brainstorm these ideas further and add your own, share some in the comments below too!



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