Guest Episode #11 - Overcoming Overachievement

Guest Episode #11 - Brittany Labotz

In this episode with Brittany Labotz its all about overcoming overachievement - that place of always wanting and needing to do more and never feeling satisfied that what you're doing is enough.

Brittany guides us through the 3 steps to overcome the overachievement burnout cycle that we often find ourselves in as business owners. I resonate with what Brittany talks about so much and I think you will too!

Brittany is a Pilates teacher, serial entrepreneur and Business Coach who works with women struggling with overachievement and perfectionism. She shows her clients a different way to have a thriving business that doesn’t require burnout, constant achievement and relentless doing.

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Download the worksheet with the tasks from this podcast 👉🏻 Click here for the Overcoming Overachievement Worksheet

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