Blog 12: Unlock the Power of Engagement: 7 Proven Tips to Boost Your Fitness Business on Facebook!

Blog 12

Do you struggle to get engagement on your Facebook page or in your Facebook group?

Engagement is anything from likes, comments and shares and it can really help more of your content and post to be seen by more people, which means more eyes on your Fit Biz!

So here are 7 tips to help your Facebook engagement…

  1. Enjoy it! – When you look at posting and creating content for your Facebook page or groups as a chore then it is going to come across that way! Have fun with it. Imagine you are the person in your Facebook group or following your page. What would you want to see? What do you love and enjoy about your business that you can share with others? What are your audience missing out on by not being your client, joining your classes or purchasing one of your services?
  2. Create a schedule – It can be hard work when you do not know what to post which is why I have themes for the day, week or month to keep me focused. For example, I usually post a motivation Monday post every Monday and I try and create a topic or theme for the week, so my posts are easier to create and more likely to capture people’s attention. I also have a collection of inspiring, educational, and funny meme posts that I can go to and use more than once.
  3. Show yourself – People follow you and your Fit Biz because of you and if you’re not showing yourself and your personality on your page then they can’t relate, trust or engage with you, the real person. Some of my most engaging post are my personal ones where I share a personal pic or selfie or share a personal experience. It makes your Fit Biz real and relatable.
  4. Tag your location – Is you Fit Biz a local community business? If so, then tag your location and let people know where you are based. This means people can find you and makes you reachable. If your sharing a class that local and tag your location people are more likely to share that post in local Facebook groups or tag friends who live locally.
  5. Shout outs – Create posts that celebrate great clients, other local business or resources that may help your clients/followers.
  6. Use videos where you can – Film your classes (with permission) share promo vids, funny workout outtakes or even use Canva to make video posts! Shorter videos are best and usually get more engagement!
  7. Ask them to engage – Whether you’re asking your audience to specifically type something in the comments or asking them a question, give them something to engage with.

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