Blog 5: Five Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Your Fitness Business

Five Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Your Fitness Business

Facebook groups are a great business tool for potential clients as well as your current clients.

It’s a place where you can provide value and create community.

A place where people can go to for advice, support or just to feel like they are a part of something.

Here’s 5 ways you can use Facebook Groups for your business…

  1. To run challenges – Running free challenges is a great way to provide value and build community. It also help you get more potential clients in front of you and in your warm circle. They can experience your business and you before becoming a client.
  2. To create a community among your clients – Facebook groups are a great place where all your current clients can hang out. You can provide extra value to them and they can interact with other like-minded people.
  3. To run online courses – Did you know you can create units in a Facebook group? This means you can pretty much an online course via a Facebook!
  4. For extra support – Whether it’s for you class participants or online clients, you can run a Facebook group for added value and support for your customer. It’s a place they can reach you, and others, for support.
  5. For a Flash sale – You can run an exclusive Facebook group to run a flash sale of your products and services. Maybe it’s a weekend of offers that will only be available for people in the group?!

Let me know in the comments if you found this useful or if you use your Facebook groups in different ways?!

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