Guest Episode #6 - Coping with Imposter Syndrome & Being Relatable to Attract Aligned Clients


In todays podcast I have special guest Louise Jordan from BOOSTfit. We are talking all about coping with imposter syndrome and being your authentic self to attract your soul aligned clients!

Louise and the BOOSTfit team are creating such a positive impact in the industry and really helping class participants - as well as instructors - with a positively BOOSTed workout for the mind and the body. (more on this in the podcast and in the rest of the show notes below👇🏻)

Take a listen to this podcast episode if you're feeling like you're not good enough, if you're constantly in comparison mode or if you just feel anxious about putting your fitness classes and business out there! (Hello all of us🙋‍♀️) 

This podcast will reassure you that you're not alone as both myself and Louise get vulnerable with our imposter thoughts!

If you can relate to anything in the podcast you can drop your comments below or reach out me me or Louise ANYTIME! It's time to talk about what no one's talking about!

If you LOVE the sound of BOOSTfit then keep reading! There's an amazing offer that you don't want to miss out on!

BOOSTfit has been 6 years of developing and refining this incredible class and now we are looking for 30 fitness instructors to be the first to ambassadors, in this area, to deliver this unique brand across the UK.

We know that training in a new fitness brand can be a risk, which is why we have slashed our training costs down to ZERO! That's right, absolutely nothing. And with low monthly costs this is a great way to bring in new clients and offer your existing clients something new and exciting. This isn't all, we strongly believe that YOU as an instructor needs real support. While others may say it, we actually do it!

With heart-pumping popular music, stress busting beats and soul empowering songs BOOSTfit is on a mission to give your clients a body and mind workout they will never get bored of.
We take a variety of class formats and combine them to put a spotlight on their mental and physical wellness.
In a friendly, judgement and pressure free community we unite to give back and put some good into the world.

But that's not all, we strongly believe that, as an instructor, your need for support is just as important too. While others may say it, we actually do it!

To find out more get a brochure at

Make sure you drop them a follow on the socials too:

Facebook @boostfitclasses
Insta @boostfit_classes
TikTok @boostfit

You can contact the BOOSTfit team directly:

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