Blog 6: Don’t Let Your Fitness Business Be BUS-I-NESS!

Blog: Don’t Let Your Fitness Business Be BUS-I-NESS!

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Don’t let your fitness business be BUS-I-NESS!

The word business in itself projects BUSYNESS so it’s no wonder we all create busyness in our businesses and think it has to be that way!

It doesn’t

Just like busyness doesn’t have to mean anything negative.

I happen to like being busy in my business 

I can now separate the difference between overwhelming busyness that leads to burnout  and happy busyness and feels exciting, passionate and meaningful.

How do you feel at the moment about your fitness busyness?!

Does it feel too much like it’s not maintainable or that the busyness is essential in order to get any success...but at the same time uncomfortable and what you didn’t sign up for!

My Number 1 Tip

Focus on practising prioritising and focusing on what is going to bring you new clients and get more sales...

You did not have a business just to be busy!

So - RIGHT NOW - go through your to do list and prioritise INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES first!

Drop me a reply tin the comments if you're not sure what those tasks are!

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