Online Fitness

A Monthly Fitness & Self Care Solution

GBP 174.00

Includes All Memberships & Fitness sessions including:

  • All Cardio, Strength & Fitness Sessions
  • Recipes, Mindfulness & Meditation
  • New Plan to follow every month
  • Pilates@Home
  • Yoga@Home
  • Face Yoga Monthly
  • Morning Movement


GBP 21.00
GBP 9.00

Are you ready to....

  • Reduce puffiness & improve skin tone
  • Reduce double chin & jowls
  • Reduce wrinkles & fine lines
  • Reduce forehead & frown lines
  • Emphasise cheek bones a & jaw line
  • Look youthful & wide eyed!

Get started with the 21 day challenge!


GBP 11.00

Self care comes first with this membership! 


  • Face Yoga Exercises
  • Face Yoga massage
  • Face Yoga acupressure
  • Neck & shoulder release
  • Energy work.

Get access to a monthly plan of daily sessions as well as targeted mini sessions for specific problem areas to do as when you choose!

Access via an app to make it easy to fit into your daily routine and access anytime!

GBP 9.99

Start your day with 10 minutes of movement from Yoga to Pilates to Dance Fitness & More!

  • Access the complete library of 10 minute Morning Movement sessions
  • Have a new plan to follow every month