I'm an outgoing introvert who's creative and multi-passionate!

I love to be intuitively lead by inner guidance and going for big dreams is my fave thing!

....helping you do the same in your own individual way is something I am also HUGELY passionate about too!

Just a few things I've achieved...

2 Online Businesses from one online platform & app for over 200 international clients!

A Fitness Business Freedom Coach™ with Global Courses & Trainings for Fitness & Wellness Professionals

Fitness Professional, Tutor & Assessor, Author, Podcaster, Dancer & 5x Fitness Brand Creator!

'I believe breaking free from industry norms and building time-freedom businesses so you can work less whole earning more & helping more clients is ESSENTIAL to the overall health & wellness of the world!'

My Story - How I Got Started & Why I Do What I Do?!

After being in the industry coming up to about 8 years I had a the worst year of my life that I wouldn't wish on anyone - it's the reason I do what I do because I don't believe any fitness professional should experience it, yet the more I work with fitness professionals that more I find that it is the 'norm' for most.


When I started my fitness business I was excited, making great money and working less hours then the job where I started my career - working horrible shift patterns and teaching back to back classes for minimum wage.


But soon, as most businesses do, I started to take on anything and everything.


I thought I had to. I thought that now I was a business I couldn't turn down work or say no to things that didn't feel aligned with me. I had so niche audience I was helping and so I ended up trying to please anyone and everyone.


I came into the industry as a freestyle instructor, with the ability to teach whatever I wanted and I ended up being a fitness business owner jumping on all the latest fitness crazes, doing all the qualifications so I could teach ALL the services!


I knew I was starting to not enjoy this experience anymore. Despite making a great income, I was working all hours, found it hard to say no to work and I felt guilty {and fearful} about taking time off. I was stuck in a situation worse than the job I had started my business to get out of!


There were some mornings I would cry in secret, emotionally and physically exhausted, knowing I had a full day for classes and personal training sessions to complete from the morning through to 9pm {or later} in the evening.



I also felt that I couldn't give it up. I was too far in and there were too many people I'd be letting down!...It didn't bother me that by not making a change I was letting myself down!


It got to the point where I was so deleted and fatigued  {and secretly stressed not wanting to drop the façade of happy, positive fitness professional} that I started to experience (embarrassing symptoms} of Ulcerative Colitis {undiagnosed at the time}


I knew my body needed rest, but I knew I couldn't take it and I knew I couldn't admit I wasn't happy with this business that everyone thought I loved!


Until my body forced me to rest while being diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis in hospital, my resting heart rate was 128bpm and the only thing my consultant could say was;



'How have you not collapsed in a heap on the floor yet?'

Little did she know that I was teaching 20+ high impact class up until this point.



From that moment I couldn't physically teach, I had 3 months of not being able to get paid because I wasn't teaching and this was followed by returning to a full time job for a year while I 'figured things out.'


Now I'm hoping my case is the extreme worst case scenario but I know many fitness professionals are close this too. Although you may seem to be to others - you are not invincible.


So, when I did return to my business I did things differently and I started to help other fitness professionals take their businesses online which has now evolved into helping fitness professional create time-freedom business online, offline & beyond.


I do it because what I was doing before my burnout is deemed as 'the norm' for most fitness professionals and though it may seem doable for years, it's not maintainable or healthy - and aren't we suppose to be leading by example?!


I want a different industry for you and future fitness professionals. And I want to show you how to do it!