Episode #31 - Are You Asking This Questions about Your Fitness Business, Daily?

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Every day in my fitness business I ask…

How the f*$k do I do this?!

This question and the feeling of not knowing how to do something used to fill me with overwhelm and fear and the desire to give up!

Maybe you feel the same?!

Now I ask that question almost daily in my business but I let it fill me with curiosity, excitement and this determination to figure it out or get help to find out how.

Such a different energy!

I got to this new energy but basically being fed up of living in fear and overwhelm and realising that no one know what they are doing really and everyone started something with not knowing how to do it at first.

You're not alone in feeling overwhelmed but overwhelm is just a perception not a reality.

The next time you're asking yourself 'How the F*ck do I do this?' with the feeling of fear and overwhelm, ask yourself these questions...

1. How can I make this into the exciting challenge of learning and figuring out something new? - Start to think about how this can be an opportunity for learning and growth - did you feel daunted by getting a new qualification? Most probably yes but you also felt excited that you'd have something new to teach at the end of it.

2. Who can help me get there quicker? (who's already done what I want to do - chances are they have a free resources or are happy to answer your questions to get you started)

3. What time can I put aside each day or week purely focused on figuring this out ? (half the time we think it's going to be a big thing that will take us forever - this helps us to break it down and take steps forward, rather then being paralysed by overwhelm that we stay in the same place.


Comment below if you're struggling with something in your Fitness Business, I may be able to help!


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