Finding CALM through MOVEMENT!

Hi Fitness & Wellbeing Professional,






Creator of the MoveMeditate ™ Method



Supporting fitness & wellbeing instructors & business owners to creating a more profitable fitness business  & career without burnout is something I am HUGELY passionate about!




I have practiced meditation on a personal level for a long time but I got into it on a more professional level when I suffered burnout as a fitness business owner teaching high impact classes for 20+ hours per week.




 I knew I still wanted to help my clients with their fitness and wellbeing journey but I also knew it shouldn't be at the sacrifice of my own health.



When I started teaching meditation & relaxation classes, I came across obstacles with clients struggling to truly embody the practice of meditation for many reasons...

  • They felt as if they were doing it wrong because the couldn't 'clear their mind'
  • They found it boring or would get 'fidgety' half way through
  • Some found it uncomfortable to sit or lie down for long periods of time
  • Some felt like 'it wasn't working' and gave up before really experiencing the benefits of meditation

I knew meditation didn't have to be this way and so I worked on creating a method where participants could still find peace & calm but through movement & visualisation


I also knew the method could help instructors & fitness business owners looking to 'slow down' from teaching the energetic sessions and find a new way of helping clients with their health.







I want to support you in setting yourself on the path of a new & very different experience with teaching classes & helping your clients with not just their physical health but also their mental health by:



  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Helping them unwind and let go of their day
  • Reducing overwhelm & overthinking
  • Finding the present moment and present awareness


...All WITHOUT sitting on a yoga mat for hours saying 'Ommmmm'



And help you generate an income without teaching 20+ high impact classes every week!



Prioritising mental health is more important now than ever before and as fitness & wellbeing professionals we can play a huge role in helping our clients with this - we are not limited to just physical fitness.




Whether it's teaching a 60 minute class, a 30 minute class or adding a 10 minute session to the end of your current fitness classes, I know MoveMeditate™ can be life changing for your clients & for your 'toolbox' as a fitness professional.




And I am ready to support you in changing the way we deliver meditation & relaxation...


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In this fast-paced world we often prioritise ‘doing’ and while the idea of prioritising mindfulness & meditation seems appealing  when it come to practising it on a regular basis we often think;

🧘‍♀️ we ‘don’t have time’

🧘‍♀️ we think we’re doing it wrong because we cannot clear the mind of our never ending to-do list

🧘‍♀️ or have more important things to ‘do’


MoveMeditate™️ means we can help people find mindfulness through movement while still creating the relaxation, presence, clarity & release that meditation can bring!


In MoveMeditate™️ you will help your class:


🧘‍♀️ Bring awareness to their body & breath so they can find calm without needing to ‘clear the mind’


🧘‍♀️ Practice mindfulness in a way they may not have experienced before & help them to re-discover how it feels to find presence


🧘‍♀️ Improve their mental health & overall well-being


🧘‍♀️ Find a meditation practice that isn’t ‘boring’ or requires you to be seated or ‘still’ for long periods of time

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MoveMeditate™️ will help you as an instructor to:


🧘‍♀️ Incorporate the MoveMeditate™️ method into your current classes as a cool down/relaxation section so your class participants can improve their mental health as well as their physical fitness


🧘‍♀️ Reduce the amount of high impact classes you are teaching & increase the amount of wellbeing classes you teach to promote career longevity


🧘‍♀️ Add ‘well-being’ instructor to your resume & be considered for opportunities that may not have been possible before


🧘‍♀️ Look after your own physical & mental health while helping others to do the same


🧘‍♀️ Charge premium prices for your new well-being services

With the uncertainty and overwhelm in the world today, your class participants are looking for more than just a great workout to relieve stress.


They are looking for a solution to relieve stress, overwhelm & anxiety and for some a fitness class does not appeal to them - in fact it may stress them out even more!


Mindfulness solutions, one-of-a kind services  & classes are the go-to for a stressed out world, and it’s what we all need the most!


As a fitness professional for over 12+ years with experience in every possible class format, I’ve spent years helping & inspiring class participants to get fit but the most rewarding classes I teach ARE NOT the ones that get physical results, they are the wellness classes that have clients coming up to me at the end saying….


‘I wasn’t going to come but I’m glad I did - I’ve never felt so relaxed’


‘Thank you so much, this class has made it so much easier to get through my stressful week now’


‘I didn’t think I could feel THAT relaxed and present!’


…which has led to the creation of the MoveMeditate™ method.


My own burnout was a catalyst to increasing my own personal meditation practice & developing this specific method for those who do not resonate with the traditional meditation practices.


The MoveMeditate™ Practitioner Training includes simple, step by step videos & tutorials that guide you through how to bring MoveMeditate™ to your class participants;


🧘‍♀️ as a class


🧘‍♀️ a class add on {cool downs and relaxation}


🧘‍♀️ and as an online class & program


— with the flexibility, & support, for it to be personalised to your fitness instructor personality , style, strengths & the kind of mindful class you want to create for your class participants.


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Practitioner training includes:




Module 1:

Meditation basics & the benefits of regular meditation

Module 2:

The theory behind MoveMeditate™, why its different to meditation, & how it can be used for your clients and classes.

Module 3:

The Movements, The Breath & The Visualisations 

Module 4:

How to put together a class, an add-on (a cool down to one of your regular classes) & an online class & program!

Module 5:

Marketing MoveMeditate™ & approaching gyms


✨The training, tools & resources to teach a MoveMeditate™️ session in person, as part of a class you already teach or as an online class or program for recurring income.


✨A library of MoveMeditate™️ movements, sequences, breathwork & visualisations for you to create bespoke sessions to suit you & your class participants


Marketing Materials to promote your sessions, post on social media & templates to help you reach out to local gyms & organisations.


Ongoing support from your MoveMeditate™️ Mentor, Charlotte as well as opportunity to interact with other MoveMeditate™️ Practitioners

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