Finding CALM through MOVEMENT!

Hi Fitness & Wellbeing Professional,




Creator of the MoveMeditate ™ Method



Supporting fitness & wellbeing instructors & business owners to creating a more profitable fitness business  & career without burnout is something I am HUGELY passionate about!



I have practiced meditation on a personal level for a long time but I got into it on a more professional level when I suffered burnout as a fitness business owner teaching high impact classes for 20+ hours per week.



 I knew I still wanted to help my clients with their fitness and wellbeing journey but I also knew it shouldn't be at the sacrifice of my own health.


When I started teaching meditation & relaxation classes, I came across obstacles with clients struggling to truly embody the practice of meditation for many reasons...

  • They felt as if they were doing it wrong because the couldn't 'clear their mind'
  • They found it boring or would get 'fidgety' half way through
  • Some found it uncomfortable to sit or lie down for long periods of time
  • Some felt like 'it wasn't working' and gave up before really experiencing the benefits of meditation

I knew meditation didn't have to be this way and so I worked on creating a method where participants could still find peace & calm but through movement & visualisation

I also knew the method could help instructors & fitness business owners looking to 'slow down' from teaching the energetic sessions and find a new way of helping clients with their health.



I want to support you in setting yourself on the path of a new & very different experience with teaching classes & helping your clients with not just their physical health but also their mental health by:


  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Helping them unwind and let go of their day
  • Reducing overwhelm & overthinking
  • Finding the present moment and present awareness

...All WITHOUT sitting on a yoga mat for hours saying 'Ommmmm'



And help you generate an income without teaching 20+ high impact classes every week!


Prioritising mental health is more important now than ever before and as fitness & wellbeing professionals we can play a huge role in helping our clients with this - we are not limited to just physical fitness.



Whether it's teaching a 60 minute class, a 30 minute class or adding a 10 minute session to the end of your current fitness classes, I know MoveMeditate™ can be life changing for your clients & for your 'toolbox' as a fitness professional.



And I am ready to support you in changing the way we deliver meditation & relaxation...


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