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Are you Ready to Transform from Physical BURNOUT to a SOLD OUT Online Fitness Business?

...Go from no online business to bringing in your first few online clients in 10 days!

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Are you feeling burnt out from the amount of physical hours you're putting into your Fitness Business, teaching classes, & training clients?



Tired of trying to figure out how to make ends meet in your fitness business after a global pandemic?



Have got a HOURS of pre-recorded zoom sessions that you could be making an income from but you don't know how?



Do you have YouTube or Vimeo links to workouts that haven’t been viewed since lockdown?



Did you run zoom fitness sessions in lockdown that were full but are now low in attendance?



Are you running an online Fitness Business via a Facebook group that could be shut down anytime?



Do you want to start an online fitness business which doesn’t require hours of your time but don’t know how to get started?


Join the 10 day course will FAST TRACK you to an online Fitness Business so you go from BURNOUT to SOLD OUT!

Burnout to sold out


Learn All The Skills Required to Build & Sell Your Own Program, Service or Membership Online

 Easy-to-follow, time effective videos which takes you step-by-step from having no online business to bringing in your first few clients online!


Lifetime access to the content to lather, rinse & repeat

Day 1 - Create a plan


We look at what you’ve got, what you can create, how you can create it & for who

Day 2 - Create an email list

Create an email list of interested people so even if you don’t make an income immediately, you can build a list of interested & aligned potential clients

Day 3- Create a sales page/landing page

Once we know what you’ve got & who it can help we can create a sales page that speaks directly to your ideal client

Day 4- Set up your online service


Easily & simply set up your online service without a website with 2 simple solutions

Day 5 - Create and structure your online service

Create and structure your online service so it’s ready to sell

Day 6 - Create a promo plan

Create your social media & emails to promote your service in advance to avoid overwhelm 

Day 7 - Create Canva graphics


Create your social media & emails to promote your service in advance to avoid overwhelm

Day 8 - Set up client onboarding & support

Add finishing touches to welcoming your new clients & a plan to continue to support them

Day 9 - Start promo plan

Schedule, start & execute your promotional plan

Day 10- Welcome your new clients & make bank!


Hi! I’m Charlotte Brawn, Fitness Entrepreneur & Fitness Business Coach 

With my own personal experience of burn out & exhaustion as a fitness professional, teaching 20+classes per week for nearly 10 years leading to hospitalisation & zero income for 3 months, I am passionate about creating an industry of ABUNDANT Fit Pros!

Becoming an abundant Fitness Instructor & Fitness Business Owner is not about slaving away all hours of the day to make your business dream a reality. It’s a lot more fun, gentle and focused than that.

Ready to get started?

Turn Your Knowledge Into a Sellable Online Service!


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