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The Abundance FitBiz Uprising

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Are you currently struggling to recover your fitness business after set backs?

Or maybe you're making a good income but you're working 24/7 with no work/life balance?!


Or you're working every spare minute of your day yet still barely making ends meet?

Are you constantly looking for 'that next thing' that is going to be 'the thing' that really sky rockets your fitness business?

Are you at the point of giving it all up or have exhausted all your options to make it work?


I have created this program so we can clear all the inner blocks & limitations that have been holding you back from receiving TRUE ABUNDANCE in your fitness business & life.

This is not just about an abundance of money & income but an abundance of TIME & ENERGY too.

There was a time when my community fitness business was bringing me a great income BUT it was at the sacrifice of my TIME & ENERGY...and eventually lead to burnout! That isn't true abundance or success & I want more for you & your Fitness Business!



The Abundant FitBiz

What is The Abundant FitBiz Uprising Program?!

I will take you on a journey that will uncover the blocks that are stopping your flow of abundance and help you to move forward so that you can create an abundance of TIME, ENERGY & INCOME while serving more clients from true alignment!

  • 10 week program
  • 'Real Time' Online Self study with HIGH support & community
  • Bi-weekly q & a's
    Progressive, structured modules

Change your FitBiz abundance in as little as 30 minutes per day by:

  • Eliminating & reducing the abundance blocker archetypes within us and make our abundance allowing archetypes more dominant
  • Recover from our past-self thinking, experiences & habits
  • Realise & re-align our present-self thinking, experiences & habits
  • Reimagine & activate our future-self thinking, experiences & habits

BONUS course : Manifesting marketing & money

Once your abundance allowing archetypes are dominant I show you how to connect them to your business to market with alignment & manifest income.

BONUS course : From Burnout to Sold Out

A 10 day course will FAST TRACK you to an online Fitness Business so you go from BURNOUT to SOLD OUT! This is all the simply practical elements of creating & launching your ONLINE fitness business/service in 10 days! {worth £111 click here to find out more!}

BONUS for Beta Round Clients

As part of the beta run of this course you as clients will get access to the course for life - meaning you can do it over and over again WITH every new update I add in for future clients. When this program is released after Beta round it will be available for clients for a 90 day container only!


We start on 22nd August 2022! Only 20 places for this exclusive Beta Round!


Find out more about the program here! (including FAQs)

Or grab you place before they all go! 👇🏻

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The Abundant FitBiz

The Abundance FitBiz Uprising


How much more income, time & energy could you generate if you uncovered the blocks within you that are sabotaging your fitness business success?! 

...& eliminated them for good for unlimited abundance of TIME, ENERGY & INCOME for your fitness business!


What makes this program different?

Unlike other programs that focus on general mindset work for general areas of your life (love, money, happiness) this is deeper work designed for fitness professionals and fitness businesses, focusing on the inner work rather than the external strategies that won't work without the inner shifts.

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Take the quiz and find out which Abundance Blocker Archetype is keeping you from your true success! Once you know which one if more dominant in you, get access to a masterclass that explains EVERYTHING plus a specific meditation to help you eliminate you most dominant Abundance Blocker!

Take the quiz & unlock a meditation to release your dominant Blocker Archetype


30 day guarantee

30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked! If for any reason in the first 30 days, if you don't love it, you can get a refund.
Just email me within the first 30 days. Simple!