Episode #34 -the Hidden Habit We All Share & the Vital Advice for Fitness Instructors

Podcast episode #34

The underlying habit that we all have that is holding us back!

And simple ways you can identify and eliminate it!

The imposter syndrome has been a big topic on many of the I Heart My FitBiz Episodes and the habit I speak of in this episode goes hand in hand with imposter syndrome. 

Over the past few weeks I've been noticing this habit creeping up on me and I think you might be able to relate. Not only has it crept up on me but it's been holding me back!

I've been putting tasks off and finding myself not enjoying the journey and process of running a fitness business. The things that are exhausting me are things that I don't need to do but this habit makes me feel like I need to and its sabotaging time, energy and any fitness business success.

Imagine if your business could be simple, energising and based on only what was working FOR YOU!

Well it can be this way! I explore this habit that is holding us all back in this episode and give your some simple solutions and that are going to make things so much easier and less time consuming in your fitness business...not to mention more enjoyable!

In this episode you'll learn:

  • The hidden habit that is running your fitness business into the ground 
  • The simple question that you can ask yourself TODAY that will help you identify this habit.
  • How to overcome this habit so you can do less and earn more in your fitness business

What would it be worth to you if you could cut all the bus-y-ness in your business and simply do what is enjoyable and energised for you ...with maximum success for your business?!

Listen to this episode and post your questions and insights in the comments!


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