Episode #33 - Showing up on Social Media when You Don’t Want to Be Seen!

Episode #33


Would your FitBiz thrive if you were more visible on social media?

I've been there - You post on social media and immediately delete it in case people actually see it and troll you!

You'd love to go live and shout about your FitBiz but what if 'Karen' who you went to school with (and haven't seen in 20 years) sees it and get annoyed at all your 'sales' posts!

And this is the best one - You want to share that mini workout you just filmed but what if you actually don't know what you're talking about after 10-20 years of being an instructors and someone calls you out and tells you what you just posted is WRONG!

The big world of social media can be a scary place to post and be authentic, you might think you're leaving yourself open to being criticised and lets face it you are BUT there's things you can put in place to minimise your fears and 'put your FitBiz out there' 

In this podcast episode I share 3 things I have personally implemented that make me feel safer about posting on social media so that I can grow my business and create a following of potential clients.

Have listen and post in the comments if anything resonates, was useful or even share your own fears around being visible online!

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