Unwrap Your FitBiz so You Can Unleash the True Gifts of Your Services, Create Miracle Transformations for Your Clients & Expand Your INCOME in 2024!!!

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Hi Fit Pro!



I love helping fitness & wellness business owners unleash the their true potential to earn more, help more clients & all while working less hours!



This is why I am super excited about my new program because it will help you UNWRAP the true gifts your fitness business can open up for you & your clients!



The feeling of opening a present at Christmas, your birthday or anytime, never gets boring or less exciting!

There’s something magical about being gifted a present & feeling loved!

Ripping open the paper to find out what’s inside!

The joy of receiving & accepting a wonderful new gift!

Presents & gifts are uncertain as we never know what’s inside...

- but do you notice how that uncertainty is filled with excitement, anticipation & usually love!

So, why is uncertainty in our fitness business filled with dread, anxiety & fear?!

What we receive in our fitness business & what we receive in gifts can be exactly the same things…

Abundance, love & happiness


Something we didn’t want, things we hate & disappointment

The difference between what we receive comes down to this…


Typically we expect good things when we receive a gift.

We don’t anticipate it to be something negative & even if we are disappointed with the gift...

- when it’s not something we really want -

...we’re still grateful that we received it instead of receiving nothing at all.

Yet, when it comes to the expectation of what we’ll receive in our fitness business we typically expect things to be hard, challenging, overwhelming & possible everything but what we truly want...

...simply because we believe it's meant to be that way.

What if you viewed your Fitness Business as a gift?!

Something you were always excited about & had positive expectations for.

What if, even if you were disappointed with the results you received in your fitness business, you were still able to find gratitude for the gift of what you received in forms of lessons to learn and changes to make next time.

I can help you unwrap your FitBiz so you can feel excited about the abundance you are receiving daily...


-even when it feels uncertain or not quite what you asked for!

I Have a 12 Step Process For You to Unwrap Your FitBiz For Success!

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In your fitness business, you may have become accustomed to 'just hope for the best' when it comes getting new clients & growing your fitness business?

Or maybe you have 'tried all the marketing' & you're still feeling icky about sharing what your business is about & how it can help people.

The uncertainty, which was once excitement & determination when you started your business, may have turned to one of fear, anxiety & dread!

When you really start to UNWRAP your fitness business you start to believe in what it's capable of & you start to EXPECT bigger & better results in a more effortless...magical...way!

As we UNWRAP YOUR FITBIZ, your services & your expertise become a unique gift to your clients & you start to lose the 'comparison mode' of following what others are doing to grow their businesses.

You start to become the INCOMPARABLE EXPERT in your field/area & your fitness business becomes the biggest GIFT in your life!

Unleashing the full potential of YOU, YOUR SERVICES & YOUR CLIENTS RESULTS!

Of course, given all the uncertainty of the past 2-3 years you may find yourself lost in the struggle of the comeback  & therefore hidden the gifts of your fitness business out of fear.

My 12 step process to UNWRAP YOUR FITBIZ FOR SUCCESS includes ...

🎁Simple yet transformational practices & tutorials that guide you through my unique mindset, practical business implementations & methodology — while leaving room for your own authentic “gift” to be unwrapped!

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There are 12 sessions guiding you to...

🎁 Reverse engineer your mindset from fear to excitement around your fitness business, stripping away what you truly want & what works

🎁 The practical business techniques that nobody talks about & will change the way you run your business - for the better!

🎁Manifestation practices that bring the magic to mundane running of your day to day business tasks!

All to help you re-wrap your Fitness Business as the ULTIMATE GIFT TO YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS.

While you’ll work through these on your own, I'll be on hand for you to reach out to if you have any questions, PLUS you can join the Facebook Group where I host regular Q & As.

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The sessions workouts cover:

1- How to Write Your FitBiz Gift List so You Always Manifest What You Want!

2- How to Activate Excited Anticipation Instead of Dread & Fear While You Implement the next 10 Steps


3- Positive Expectation - the Art of Always Believing in Abundance - Even when Your Results Do Not Appear That Way!



4 - The Unwrapping - Unwrapping Your Fitness Business as If Its the First Day You Started & How to Replicate What You Love Receiving


5- The Unwrapping - How to Be Grateful for What You Didn’t Ask for & Make It Work for You

6- Finding the True Gifts in Your FitBiz so You Can Always Unwrap Success


7- Cultivate the 'Santa Effect' 


8- Why Bad Gifts Are Always Great Gifts & How to Make the Work for Your Business


9- Re-Wrapping Your FitBiz so It’s the Perfect Gift for You, Your Income & Your Clients! - the Start of the PRACTICAL BUSINESS STEPS THAT MANY AREN'T IMPLEMENTING!


10 - How Give Great Gifts in Your FitBiz without the Stress of Getting It Right - Practical Marketing Strategies

11 - The Success in Every Gift {Service} - Your Gift Producing Fitness Business System That Never Fails


12 - The Gift That Keeps on Giving - for Life Long Fitness Business Success

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Results you can expect

Unshakeable belief

...in yourself

...in your FitBiz!

...in your worth!

Renewed Excitement

...about your FitBiz!

...about your income!

...about who you work with!

Reduced Uncertainty

...about you FitBiz Future

...about your income consistency

...about your abilities to run a FitBiz

🌟 A renewed excitement and passion for your fitness business that doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed and fearful of results you may or may not be currently receiving

🌟A toolbox of mindset, methodology & marketing practices you can reliably use again & again to draw in your aligned, loyal clients ... plus unshakeable belief in yourself and your fitness business


🌟 A process that you can use to help you find the gift of YOU and what you uniquely offer in your fitness business, so you are one of a kind and make competition irrelevant!

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What's included

The Complete Unwrap your FitBiz™️ 12 step process



— This uses elements of the FitBiz Foundationals™️ that I use in my fitness business(s) to keep it simple, exciting




It took me years to (finally! release all the "busy work" , fears & overwhelm in my fitness business


... and focus on just a handful of simple practices to not only get the ‘practical’ stuff working but also re-align my mindset so the manifesting magic could work too


— and this program shares what I do and what has lead me to a fitness business online and offline, 2 instructors training sand becoming a Fitness Business Freedom Coach™️ (wish I'd had someone hand me these steps earlier on!)

Even with the uncertainty of the last few years ... I am never fearful about where my income is coming from or if my business will last the summer {or insert a regularly slow time of the year for your business}


Pandemics do not scare me, recessions to not scare me & low income months do not scare me


…because I have the tools to overcome them - mindset & practical!


You get...


💎 6 months access to content so you can go through {AND IMPLEMENT} each step in your own time, with access via the membership site or the app!


— Plus a Facebook group for support & regular Q & A’s and an email support system via the membership so you can contact me directly!

💎Discount if you upgrade to other programs — I’ll deduct the investment you’ve made in the program if you choose to sign up to my Build Your Fitness Online™️ Mentorship or Unleash Your FitBiz™️ (released in 2023).

These are more in-depth programs with higher levels of personalised support

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30 day guarantee

Hi Fabulous Fit Pro, I’m Charlotte Brawn,

Fitness entrepreneur & online fitness business mentor with over 12 years experience in the fitness industry!

I know there is an income-generating, time abundant, energetic fitness business owner inside of you waiting to be unleashed.

You dream of helping thousands of clients without exhaustion, burnout & working all the hours under the sun! – A fitness business that includes more freedom, more abundance, more clients...& one that fits around your life rather than fitting your life around your fitness business!. 

It's possible & you can do it!

You’ve helped lots of clients, taught busy fitness classes, made a great income (or not?!) but you're now limited to how much more income you can generate & time you can invest because you're full to capacity, or struggling to figure out the how's.

I’m here to help. I can teach you everything I know about creating an online aspect to your fitness or wellness business so you can earn more, work less & help 10x more clients while still doing what you love! 

Consider me your very own fitness business personal trainer!

With my own personal experience of burn out & exhaustion as a fitness professional, teaching 20+classes per week for nearly 10 years leading to hospitalisation & zero income for 3 months, I am passionate about creating an industry of ABUNDANT Fit Pros!

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Unwrap your FitBiz™️ IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF …

You’re ready to stop feeling the fear of uncertainty in your fitness business and have unshakeable belief in what you do so that you magnetically attract the right clients.

... and drop all the 'busy work’, so you can laser-focus on simple, elegant and authentic fitness business foundations for consistent income sales, business longevity and a business that’s exciting & enjoyable to run!

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