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Up The Wall Monthly Class Pass


Pilates, stretch, mobility & toning exercises using the wall for extra burn, support and challenge!
All exercises can be done from the mat too!

Yoga & Pilates Classes in Sandy & Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

Classes start back from 15th January 2024 

Click here for the January 2024 Class Timetable

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Up The Wall Monthly Class Pass

This is a monthly subscription. 

Please note: Full terms and conditions apply and at least one month's notice is required to terminate your place. In the above pricing, we have allowed for holiday (you have 4 weeks throughout the year as holiday/missed classes) and bank holiday allowance to even out payments across the year. 

No refunds or carry overs if classes are unattended.

GBP 32.99
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What class participants are saying...

"Thank you for the lovely praise yesterday. It's really made me a bit more confident about classes. Since doing yoga, I've found my walking posture has improved and I can touch my toes!! I'm so glad you're doing these classes." - Kara McGill

"I'm loving the Yoga Classes, they're helping my back so much. I can see/feel the improvement each week." - Vanessa Fielding

"I always feel so much better, happier and relaxed after classes, they are really helping with my knee problem and they are good fun. The surroundings are lovely as well, so thank you." - Eileen Crowe

"I really enjoy your classes Charlotte and they keep me motivated to improve my fitness." - Pauline Holloway

"I never liked exercise till I've done your classes." - Rachel Brown

"Don't wait until you're flexible enough...I would never started yoga.... Charlotte's classes are great, I love them. My flexibility has improved massively and more importantly have no more back or hip pain...I practice Yoga everyday now and love it!" - Vanessa Fielding