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Community Fit@Home Instructors & Ambassadors

Step 1 - Register as an Online Community Fit@home Instructor &/or Ambassador at no cost or monthly fees - It's all free so your earning potential is higher!

Step 2 - Share your unique ambassador link with friends, family, current clients etc, inviting them to join you

Step 3 - Submit 1 or more online workouts, wellness sessions, resources or meditations {guidelines, training & set submission times will be provided} - Note - You can still earn even without submitting anything!

Step 4 - YOU & any one who signs up via your Unique Ambassador link get access to your online content - as well as other instructors' content from around the UK - via a membership & app.

Step 5 - Earn 50% (this is submit to change once Community Fit@ Home running costs are established) of every membership fee who have signed up via your link. Giving you recurring income each month without hassle of tech set up, admin, payment issues or welcome emails for every new member!

Step 6 - Earn more income via live online sessions where you will be paid per sessions for live online classes & events. Earn bonus income every month from sign ups outside of Ambassador link sign ups. This could be from members signing up via the website rather than via an instructors unique ambassador link. Top ambassadors will receive bonus prizes and rewards each month.

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Community Fit@Home Instructors & Ambassadors

Introducing Community Fit@Home

Community Fit @ Home is an Online Membership of fitness & wellbeing sessions from community based fitness professionals from around the UK

Members can get access to fitness, wellness, nutrition & self care  at home WHILE supporting local community fitness & wellness professionals

Community Fitness professionals can make an income online WITHOUT the time & money costs of setting up alone.

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