The power of community on your fitness journey!

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Hey Sweet Petiter's!

Lets talk about the support and community you have in place to help you with your fitness journey?!

We all know that motivation and self discipline are hard enough when you're doing something on your own but when you're workout is online or at home, like so many of us at the moment, it can be even harder.

BUT here's one thing I have found as an online coach, you never feel alone when you have a community to support you online. And I say online because I now interact with …

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How to get fit when you have no time!

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Time is something I think we all complain about. We don't have enough of it, we want more time doing what we love, we spend it doing the wrong things and we waste time thinking about what we really want to do with it.

But when it comes to getting fit it's easy to put it at the bottom of the priority list when it comes to having time to get fit.

Now with most working from home and/or home schooling and the weather being not so sunny. it's hard to find time to be active in our lifestyle let alon…

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The power of minutes to build a year long healthy habit!

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Hey Sweet Petiters!

Happy New Year!

Today I wanted to share with you the secret to long lasting fitness & wellness. This time of year we rush into making big changes to get fitter & healthier, only to quit before January is over!

This is why my wish for you is to start with just 10 minutes as building the habit of 10 minutes of daily movement is more powerful than we realise!

The benefits of starting with 10 minutes of movement:

  • It takes the overwhelm out of getting fit.
  • You are more lik…

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5 non-physical benefits of online/home workouts!

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Hey Sweet petiters!

Today I wanted to explore the other benefits to online/home workouts.

Online workouts can be challenging. Maybe you find it hard to get motivated, maybe your have very little space, maybe you have no ‘alone’ time to fit in a workout at home?!

But online workouts are, in this day and age, sometimes the only options we have and I want you to know you are going to get so much from them then just losing weight & getting fit!

Here are 5 benefits of online & home workouts that …

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How to stay motivated to workout & eat healthy!

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Hey Sweet Petiters!

Today I wanted to focus on motivation. It's the one thing people struggle with and the biggest obstavle to achieving your goals.

At the moment I am motivated and when I am motivated I often think 'how can I ever feel unmotivated to workout and eat well? it feels so good!' But I know that time will come when I am unmotivated and won't want to workout and eat well. Those times require a strong routine, self discipline and healthy habits!

Getting fit and eating well in realit…

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5 simple ways to practice self-care

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Self-care is hugely important and should be in balance with your fitness and nutrition. We can often be mislead in thinking that we have to spend lots of time to unwind and practice self-care but it can be implemented easily and within our everyday routines.

Here's 5 simple ways to practice self-care

  1. Spend a few quiet moments as soon as you wake up - Simply sitting up in bed and taking a few deep breaths when all is calm and quiet can do wonders to help you start your day in the right way!

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How to stay fit & healthy during the Coronavirus lockdown…

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It’s easy to get lazy and do nothing when you’re stuck at home. We can get into a lack of routine and structure to our days and before you know it the week has gone by. Plus, the less we do the less we want to do!

So, here’s my tips on how to stay fit & healthy during lockdown!

  1. Keep a set morning and evening routine. Set your alarm for the same time every day during the week and go to bed at the same time. Give your body clock some rhythm. This will help you to feel more energised and he…

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How to meditate easily everyday

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Here’s what I often hear:

‘I can’t meditate, mind is just too busy.’

‘I have no time to sit and do nothing.’

‘I tried meditation once and it didn’t work for me.’

Firstly, the reason why we practice meditation is to calm our busy minds.

Secondly, Meditation isn’t doing nothing. It’s being present, mindful and learning to management stress and our thoughts.

Thirdly, just like you don’t lose weight with one workout, meditation takes time and practice and works differently for everyone.


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What I mean when I say ‘choose your hard…’

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What are you complaining about in your life now? Take a moment to think about it. Maybe you’re complaining about your weight, how your feel about your life, your job, your relationships?

Recently I’ve been paying attention to what I’m complaining about and I remind myself to choose my hard instead of complaining. Let me give you an example. If I’m complaining about getting up early to workout I ask myself – do I want the struggle of getting up early to workout or do I want the struggle of not f…

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5 Ways to Get Yourself Up in the Mornings!

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I hate morning workouts, but it really is the best time for me to get it done and it makes me feel soooo much better for the rest of the day. It’s always a struggle to get up if you’re not a morning person or you’re just feeling unmotivated. I want to be honest and say that it doesn’t get any easier, sorry, but there are ways you can get yourself up and going and I’m going to give you 5 things you can implement that makes it easier for me to get up in the morning…

  1. Create routine – I find it s…

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