Why Is It so Easy for Others?

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Being the one who makes it look easy…

Do you ever look around you and think ‘how is everyone else doing things so easily?!’

Whether it’s running a fitness business, going online, getting rich, losing weight or having it all?!

It’s like they know something you don’t and you’re the only one who seems to not know and are therefore struggling!

That was me!…and sometimes still is me!

I used to look around and think why is everyone finding this easy.

How do they make running a business look so effortless?!

Why are their classes busier than mine?!

How come they didn’t get ill from burnout?!

It didn’t seem fair!

But then I realised…

They are not me and I am not them!

They are on a different journey!

They are not ahead and I am not behind

We’re just on different paths and if I’m consumed by looking at their path, I have no time to walk my own path.

I also realised that…

People will show and share what they want to show and share on social media.

That may not be the reality behind the scenes or they may also be feeling like I was

- consumed by not being good enough or feeling left behind.

We all have different experiences that are required to take us where we are meant to be but know this…

You will never get their if you don’t embrace, learn from and experience your own experiences.

They are uniquely assigned to you, even the hard times, so you can BE YOU and grow from them.

How would you know the good times if you hadn’t experienced the bad times?!

How would know what thriving in business feels like if you haven’t struggled in business?!

And if you’re struggling now you get to choose again…

You get to say ‘Thank you for showing me what struggle looks like, I’m ready to thrive now and that is what I choose.’

You are also being shown ease and success in others because it’s also within you!

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