Reframing Your Thoughts About Raising Your Prices!

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Let's reframe why you should raise your prices!👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

I shouldn’t charge higher or raise my prices because…

'I love what I do and if do it for free anyway'

'People won’t pay'

'People shouldn’t have to pay high prices for their health and fitness'

'Others in my area are charging higher'


I should charge higher or raise my prices because…

I love what I do and deserve to be well paid for the attention I give and the transformation my services provide - a singer loves to sing but you don’t see Beyoncé lowering her prices or doing it for free!

The right people will pay me. They see the value I provide and they know me and my services are worth the investment


When people pay higher prices and invest bigger in their health and fitness they are more committed to their results and their well-being. They value their health and are willing to invest it the best because they want the best for themselves


Others in my area aren’t me. They do not have my unique expertise and experience and I do not have there’s. There is no competition and no comparison and therefore has no relevance on what I charge for my services




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