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Action solved everything!

Not so long ago I felt stuck!

Stuck is a cycle of worry and fear…

Stuck in my head, with my thoughts and doubts and every scenario that could go wrong in my fitness business and life.

I felt paralysed, too scared to go all in and move forward and even more scared about going backwards...

-and being viewed as a failure for giving up my business and getting a job!

I was in a place that had me frozen - the fear of moving forwards and backwards seemed overwhelming and staying in the same place seemed safe.

Yet staying in the same place kept me in the fear cycle of uncertainty- not moving in any way.

Scared of any decision I would have to make and not really sure what to do to get out of this I continued to stay frozen to one spot!

Continuing with a business that no longer felt aligned or successful and too scared to make any changes to get myself out of it.

Action is energy!

Action is often the one thing we procrastinate on.

We want to get fitter but we delay working out

We want to increase our income but we make marketing actions the last thing on our lists.

We want to have more free time but continue with things in our lives that consume it instead of taking action to reduce it.

Action is energy and the smallest action can move us forward in a big way but…

Action also often means change, stepping outside a comfort zone and MAKING A DECISION to do something.

But action solves everything when it’s inspired…

Inspired by growth…

Inspired by faith…

Inspired by the desire for something better!

I took small actions, daily.

It didn’t feel like much but it has moved me forward and with time action became the solution.

When I felt stuck, I took action.

When I wanted something different, I took action.

When I was in doubt, I took action.

When I was overthinking, I took action


Action was my meditation...

-because you can’t overthink, doubt or worry as much when you’re in motion and taking action!

You’re too focused on the action that you’re taking no matter how big or small!

When you’re feeling stuck  👉 do a workout for you to create some energy and movement- then take action in a big or small way on your business.

Overthinking marketing?! - take action by putting a sales post or email out there!

Doubting whether you’re capable to go online?! - take action by brainstorming online service ideas

Want to create more time?! take action by scheduling an hour just for you where you make no plans and you let everyone know that that’s you hour to do what you want every week.

What action are going to take right now?!


Let me know in the comments what your next action is - big or small!

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