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Your fitness business has an eco system!

I read a lot of things about the body, healing and what healing the body entails...

-and as you know there are many components and elements to bringing the body into balance and finding great health and fitness.

As fitness professionals we know, and guide our clients, that it’s not just the workout that makes great health and fitness.

It’s the nutrition, the rest, the lifestyle, sleep, hydration and more that all play a part in helping the body thrive.

It got me thinking that a fitness business is the same.

It has its own eco system.

Different elements that all work in harmony and need to be actioned with consistency to help it thrive.

Yet we sometimes, nearly most of the time, myself included, enter a fitness business thinking the service, class, knowledge etc will be enough…and it isn’t.

Think of your fitness business as a body.

The body has structure of bones ( think of this as your services your business is made up of)

The body has muscles to move (think of this as the knowledge you have that make the service’s beneficial for your clients)

That body needs clients (nutrition) for it to survive & thrive.

The quality of the nutrition is like the marketing.

The better the marketing the better the body (fitness business) will thrive.

Then there’s all the other elements too such as sleep & rest.

Your fitness business will not be sustainable if YOU do not rest and let the cells do some work too

(think if your cells as employees, automated systems in your business and/or ongoing marketing that is out there working for you)

Then there’s your immune system (your email list & recurring clients) that can help boost your business when your marketing isn’t working or reaching new clients.

So many elements that make up, support and are necessary for your fitness business to thrive!

My final questions for you are…

  • How can you better support you Fitness Business?!
  • Do you need better quality marketing to fuel it?!
  • Do you need to rest more by delegating or creating automated systems?!
  • Do you need to build your email list or upsell to existing clients so you have immunity in quiet months?!

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