I Don’t Know a Bad Female Fitness Professional!

Relax! I Don’t Know a Bad Female Fitness Professional!

Relax! I don’t know a bad female fitness professional!

I recently had a week off from teaching classes at my local leisure centre.

I returned this week and ran into the instructor who covered one of my classes.

She apologised.

She explained that she covered my class and had planned it all out the night before but when she went to teach the class it was awful!

Of course I didn’t believe her!

She’s a fab instructor and we’ve all been there…

We think the class went to pot but in reality nobody but us noticed anything different.

Here’s the thing…

The fact that you think you did a bad job, and are potentially apologising for it, is proof that you’re an amazing instructor.


💥 Because you care about if you’ve done a good or bad job.

💥It upsets you to think nobody enjoyed it

💥And you FEEL it all!

BUT unfortunately it’s not serving you!

I’m empowering you today to say out loud to yourself…


Honest truth…

I’ve never met a bad female fitness instructor…

-a few questionable ego-centric male ones! -

But never a bad female fitness professional

So I honestly know that you are amazing!

Even your worst class is amazing to most, if not all, class participants.

They are usually none the wiser as to the mistakes you think you’ve made in the class, so unless someone calls you out on it, just know that you did an amazing job …

It’s time to believe in YOU so more clients can benefit from YOUR AWESOMENESS!

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