How to Decide What to Create Online Other than Fitness Classes

How to Decide What to Create Online

An online fitness business doesn't just have to be you teaching a live online class.






There are so many ways to create online content that you can sell and that your clients will love!!!



Ask yourself these questions and you'll soon generate endless ideas of what you can create for your clients online other than online classes;


  • Does what you teach have a specific outcome or result that you could create a masterclass, plan or program on?


  • Can you specialise in beginner, intermediate or advanced content to help your clients get started or progress to the next level?


  • Could you create resources such as fitness checklists, recipe E-books or image based mini workouts?


  • Could you create an online service that compliments or leads into a face to face service? - this is great if your classes or services are fully booked but you'd like to serve more clients instead of turn them away!



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