A No Social Media Fitness Business - Part 1

A No Social Media Fitness Business

Today I decided I am taking a step back from social media for my business.

It’s something I’ve done before but what really helped me make this decision was my podcast.

I did a podcast about making social media easier and then I realised…

I’m the most organised person on social media and yet I still feel overwhelmed. Not because I think it’s hard but because that’s just social media.

It’s easy to schedule posts...

It’s easy to stay consistent but what isn’t easy is the way it makes you feel most of the time.

Here’s how it makes me feel…

  • I have to be great in business, like, yesterday!

  • Like I’m getting some sort of validation or recognition with likes yet it’s never enough and people are always talking about more engagement and it’s a constant chase

  • Exposed to & open to criticism and makes me question everything I do

  • In constant comparison and completely disconnected from being authentic, yet authentic is what we are make to to be

  • Like I’m bad at business because deep down I know my business gets more success from other methods of marketing which I’ve neglected because social media is like an addiction and leaves you with a constant fear that you’re missing out or will fail at business if you’re not on there

Now I think social media does play a role in building a business and I’m not sure if I’m coming off it completely BUT...

I am definitely not going to be as active on social media because I know my business can, and needs to be, focused elsewhere.

Just making this decision I immediate feel like…

  • I have more time
  • I am free
  • My head is clearer
  • I feel lighter
  • I feel more relaxed
  • I feel like space has opened up-  I feel excited

I’ve also felt these throughout the day…

  • Doubts about if I’m doing the right thing - FOMO has kicked in already
  • Empty - holding back from the habitual checking
  • A little anxious - have I lost followers already!

It’s crazy!

Here’s what I have already put in place though for this prep month…

  • Rearranged my apps so my social media apps are on the 2nd page of my phone - I urge you rearrange you apps regularly- not just social media - it amazing where our thumbs just naturally go to click out of habit!

  • Added time restrictions- I did this before but this time I’ve been stricter- 25 mins per day purely to reply to comments and messages & check groups where I support members, clients & instructors

  • I will still go live in my groups once per week!

  • Started scheduling daily posts so I can still be present yet not active - no stories or reels and no checking/scrolling throughout the day

I am lucky because I’m already in the habit of scheduling posts and saving past posts so I have plenty to schedule and put out to provide value to my audience.

Other things  I shall do this month:

  • Make sure I have all my links in place to redirect people to my website and other places the can find me outside of social media.

All in all I feel positive and looking forward to the next 3 months of winding down…maybe not off completely yet, but definitely making more positive changes that I am so looking forward to sharing with you

Drop your comments below if you’d like to join me and let me know your thoughts on this!


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