The power of community on your fitness journey!

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Hey Sweet Petiter's!

Lets talk about the support and community you have in place to help you with your fitness journey?!

We all know that motivation and self discipline are hard enough when you're doing something on your own but when you're workout is online or at home, like so many of us at the moment, it can be even harder.

BUT here's one thing I have found as an online coach, you never feel alone when you have a community to support you online. And I say online because I now interact with my clients on a daily basis instead of just once per week when they came along to classes.

I know I show up so much more for my own fitness as well as an online coach, now I have a community of members you are also showing up for their health and fitness daily.

They are more motivated and inspired when others are in the same online community are showing up and checking in daily.

They are not only motivated but they never feel alone, sharing struggles and advice means you can feel as though eth whole community is going through the process and journey with you, with shared struggles and obstacles.

Benefits of a Fitness community...

  • You never feel alone in your journey
  • You feel a sense of connection and know you're not the only one going through struggles and obstacles along the way
  • You can stay motivated and accountable to your goals
  • Improved self esteem and confidence

So how can you find your fitness community on or offline...

  • Share with friends that you're embarking on a fitness journey and see if any of them want to join you.
  • Join a local class, more often then not you will find your tribe and have a community of people already set up and running for you to be welcomed in to.
  • Search on Facebook for groups that have been set up specifically for health and fitness purposes. You can join my FREE SPF Client Community Group here

Once you've found your community...

  • Encourage other members of that community even if it's just you and a friend. The more you encourage others the more you also receive back.
  • Set targets or goals to reach with other members of the community, knowing someone is going for that goal too makes you more determined to achieve it.
  • Get an accountability partner to help keep you on track and vice versa.

If you're looking for a community with workouts, wellness, mindfulness and nutrition included, then why not join us in Sweet Petite Fitness on Demand and become a member.

I am so proud of all the members and the supportive community we have created and I'd love for you to experience it!

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