Ask yourself these questions when marketing your Fit Biz?

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Today I wanted to share with you how you can make your services and classes more appealing to your audience and potential clients.

We know ourselves how great our classes and services are but just telling someone that is not going to get then on board as a client.

Why not? You’ve give all the benefits to the classes, you’ve elaborated of what the class or service is and what they get access BUT still no sign ups.

Think about your purchasing habits. Think about the last thing you brought. Why did you buy it or invest in it?

It was most probably because it solved a problem for you or made you feel something.

We buy solutions and experiences, not products and services.

So the next time you’re writing a post, email or advertising your services and classes I want you to go through this checklist:

  • Have I mentioned how this can solve their problems or pain points?
  • Have I mentioned how they will feel after?
  • If I’ve mentioned what they get access to can I elaborate and explain why it’s included and how it can help them?
  • Can I share a story or experience of how it’s helped me or others get over X,Y,Z or get X results?
  • Think like the person who you want to see this. How do you feel after reading it? Do you want to attend that class, invest in that service or find out more.

I hope this helps with your copy for posts, emails marketing.

We have lots of templates for Facebook Ads and social media post in the I Heart My Fit Biz Members Club. 


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