Release the tension & lose weight!

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Hey Sweet Petiters!

This week I wanted to talk about releasing tension. As you know I do 10 minutes of morning movement on my Facebook page and Instagram account, and the most popular sessions are the session where we release tension. 

I think it's something we all need at the moment but I wanted to highlight the importance of releasing tension & stress to help with weight loss. 

Stress can do many things. It can make us ill, depressed and also contribute to weight gain, not only by the hormones we release when we are stressed but also the fact that we eat more 'comfort' foods.'

So if you're beating yourself up for not doing that workout or going out for that run, don't. Why not focus on releasing the tension by deep breathing, stretching and investing on some self care!

I've added a morning movement in for you to do too.

Could not find video with ID 4647404. Maybe it was deleted?

You can join me every morning Mon-Fri with 10 minutes of movement, most of which will help you to release tension! Just follow me on Instagram or Facebook


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