The power of minutes to build a year long healthy habit!

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Hey Sweet Petiters!

Happy New Year!

Today I wanted to share with you the secret to long lasting fitness & wellness. This time of year we rush into making big changes to get fitter & healthier, only to quit before January is over!

This is why my wish for you is to start with just 10 minutes as building the habit of 10 minutes of daily movement is more powerful than we realise!

The benefits of starting with 10 minutes of movement:

  • It takes the overwhelm out of getting fit.
  • You are more likely to do it rather than procrastinate and put it off!
  • 10 minutes allows you to build up a habit of moving daily without burning out or doing too much too soon
  • When starting your fitness journey, habit and consistency beats intensity and length of workout!
  • The body and mind can adapt to new changes which can be increased over time creating a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix.

Getting fit is not a race, it a continuous journey.

I invite you to join me every day for 10 minutes of movement via Instagram or Facebook. I am live Mon-Fri at 7am with 10 minutes of movement. You can join me live or catch up later in the day!

Lets start with 10 minutes daily in 2021 and build up habit that can be life changing!


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