5 non-physical benefits of online/home workouts!

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Hey Sweet petiters!

Today I wanted to explore the other benefits to online/home workouts.

Online workouts can be challenging. Maybe you find it hard to get motivated, maybe your have very little space, maybe you have no ‘alone’ time to fit in a workout at home?!

But online workouts are, in this day and age, sometimes the only options we have and I want you to know you are going to get so much from them then just losing weight & getting fit!

Here are 5 benefits of online & home workouts that go way beyond the physical results we are maybe aiming for;

  • You exercise your will power – You are never always going to be motivated, this goes for your gym workouts and fitness classes too. There will be times, most of the time daily, when you will not feel like pressing play and moving your body! You have to exercise your will power and self-discipline. This is soooo beneficial for any other goals in life you want to achieve, and it will also help you to better adapt through tough times.
  • You free yourself from excuses – Excuses are the biggest obstacle that stop us exercising, 90% of them being irrelevant! This is the scariest thing about online/home workouts, you let go of most excuses and have nothing to stop you reaching your full potential and your biggest goals! It’s too cold to go to the gym = I don’t even have to step outside. It’s too early = I can roll out of bed and get in done in my PJs if I want to. I have no time = I can squeeze in a mini workout because I do not have to travel anywhere or wait for a class to start at a specific time/
  • You save hours! – Time is something we all complain that there is not enough of! Well online/home workouts save you hours. You can fit it in around your life, no more waiting for a specific day or time to workout at the gym. You take out travel time to get to the gym, wait for your class to start, get showered and travel home. The ‘no time’ excuse really isn’t relevant when your workouts are at home and online.
  • You start to create a life on your terms – Again no more waiting for a specific class on a timetable, no more super early morning to get yourself up and ready for the gym. You can workout as and when it suits you. You have the freedom to log on to on demand workouts and get it in when it fits your schedule!
  • You can look a hot mess – In the comfort of your own home you can put your all into a workout without anyone seeing the hot mess that you are after. You can power through exercises; pull any faces you want and make any noises you want! This is amazing if you always feel self-conscious at the gym or a fitness class, and it can build so much confidence as you get fitter and stronger!

Need on demand workouts to get all these bonus benefits?! Check out our Online Fitness Shop full of online memberships and programmes. And do not worry I can keep you motivated and supported via the Facebook group and membership forum so you can check in daily and stay one track!


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