How to get your fitness back after a lazy lockdown!

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Hey Sweet petiters!

I have a confession, the first lockdown I was lazy, I gained weight and lost a lot of fitness. Well, I wasn't just sitting around! I was busy taking my business fully online BUT I was less active and definitely ate more.

Maybe you were the same and are struggling to get 'back on it'.

This lockdown I have adopted a different routine and got back into my own personal workouts as well and enjoying my 7am morning movement on Facebook, which is more for my benefit than anyone else's! (You can join us at 7am or catch up later in the day, mon-fri, by going clicking here and liking my page!)

I feel so much better but it hasn't been easy. It's taken a transit period from the last lockdown to this one to really get my arse into gear and get back into some sort of routine.

The thing is when we're at home, working or not, it's easy to do nothing, harder to get motivated and before you know it weeks have passed by!

So here's a few tips to help you 'get back on track' after a lazy lockdown:

  1. Establish a morning & evening routine - This was a huge one for me to help me get back on track. If you're not getting up for work or you no longer have to commute to work then it's easy to stay up later and wake up later or not have set bedtime and wake up times. Your body clock is probably all over the place leaving you with lack of energy and feeling lethargic. Workout or not, spend a few days getting this established, you will feel so much better and will have more energy for movement! Remember to clock at least 7-8hours of sleep too!
  2. Start small, then build up - After getting into the best sleep routine I started adding in a) workouts I enjoyed b) workouts that fit into the time I had available (or could mentally get myself to do!). You don't have to go hard you just have to start and get into the habit of keeping going.
  3. Set a workout time/routine - I tend to stay on track more when my workout comes at the same time everyday. That way my body and mind are in a routine and it becomes automatic! Just like brushing your teeth, and you wouldn't skip that would you?!
  4. Get prepped the night before - I ask myself every night before I go to sleep, 'what will make tomorrow easier?' And then I set out or prep what I need. This isn't just about setting out your workout clothes but think about your whole day. Can you prep your meals? Can you get paperwork gathered together for tomorrow to-do list? Can you fill up your water bottles so you're ready to keep hydrated?
  5. Find accountability and motivation - For me getting back into the 7am morning movement has helped me to be more motivated for my own workout. It means I have a reason to get up and people ready and waiting for me start the session. After that I am ready to get on with my day and get my workout done. Is there someone you can get to check in on you? Is there a group that you can join where you can check in daily and get motivation. OR do you have a motivation to work towards? For me the jeans I brought before lockdown 1 no longer fit due to my lazy lockdown so my motivation is for them to fit comfortably again. I know I can try them on weekly and see the progression or tweak my workouts or nutrition based on the progress I am making. Is there something that can motivate you?

I can definitely help you out with some of those! Why not get into the habit of joining us for the 7am morning movement or make it a habit to do it when you wake up. Just head over to my Facebook page, Sweet Petite Fitness with Charlotte Brawn, and join us Monday to Friday! (Make sure you give us a 'Like' while you're there!)


Why not become a member of Sweet Petite Fitness on Demand and have a support group to check in with as well as 4 new sessions every week or a 30 day programme to follow. Structure and routine are key and if online/home workouts are all you have access to at the moment then I've got you covered!


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