How to get started with an online Fit Biz when you can't seem to get started!

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Hey Fit Biz Boss Babe!

Have you been procrastinating about going online?

Whenever I'm about to start anything new I procrastinate for days, weeks, months or even years and do you know what?! It hasn't got me any closer to what I want to achieve and it has only made me more anxious and fearful of doing it.

Usually I delay because I'm scared to fail, and sometimes it's because I'm scared to succeed.

What if I make a complete fool of myself?

What if it's really successful but I hate it and disappoint everyone by stopping?

Post in the comments what your fears are when it comes to starting something new?

I want to tell you a secret that anyone who has succeeded at anything (including you) has done...

Do you want to know what it is?

You've done it many times in the past and most probably without realising...

Anyone who succeeds at anything have STARTED BEFORE THEY WERE READY!

I'm sure you didn't feel ready when you taught your first class? But here you are with a successful Fit Biz and people willing to pay you to attend them! 

Are you afraid of failing?

Here's a another secret....

This one is less well known...

There's no such thing as failure. We learn or grow but we never fail. 

And let's face it! we're all human. We don't start perfect at doing anything! Allow yourself to be the beginner and you will end up succeeding faster for it! When you allow yourself to be a beginner you can relax and take the steps you need to get to where you want to be instead of freezing because you're expecting yourself to be an expert.

So, post in the comments what you can do today to take that step to go online. Will it be looking into how to film videos? Will it be looking into website platforms? Will it be joining The I Heart My Fit Biz Club where you can get all the support and tutorials you need to make it happen?

I'd love to hear what your first steps are, and I'd love to see you return to your comments and type 'done' once your completed it!

You've got this!

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