Can 5 minutes of fitness daily really get you fit?

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Hey Sweet Petiters!

Today I wanted to talk about 5 minutes of fitness/wellness daily and how effective it really is?!


Here's the thing we all know big results aren't going to happen in 5 minutes of exercise daily BUT is it better the doing nothing?! it better than doing an hours workout once per week? it better than having a really good month of workouts then a couple of months of doing nothing?

I'd say yes?

Here's why. Like I always say consistency is key to any results for any goal. Often we can feel daunted by longer workouts or struggle to find the time to fit any workouts in. we'll have a good, motivated month here and then or start in early summer to get that bikini body and then not stop until the little black dress time at Christmas. Is this healthier then 5 minutes per day?

5 minutes of movement per day builds healthy habits. Once we've mastered 5 we could move up to 10 minutes, once we mastered 10 minutes we could move up to 15 minutes, building consistency and habits into our routine.

5 minutes of movement daily is doable for everyone. Its takes the overwhelm out of committing and getting motivated for a longer workout. If it's only 5 minutes then why not.

5 minutes daily means beginners can build up to longer workouts as they become fitter, rather than committed to a gruelling workout regime only to quit a few workouts in due to the intensity.

5 minutes daily is possibly more than we do now and therefore can only enhance our fitness, mood and motivation to do more once we've mastered 5 minutes.

So is 5 minutes daily really going to get you fit? Well lets just say you're not going to be an athlete BUT you are going to make incremental changes to your health, mood and every day life.

I think that's worth it!

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