Are you in your Fitness comfort zone?!

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Hey Sweet Petiters!

This week I wanted to talk about your comfort zone. We have a comfort zone for nearly every aspect of our lives and despite the 'comfort' part there's actually nothing comfortable about it.

Today I started back to morning workouts. My routine changed during lockdown and mornings became my content creation time instead of my workout time. Turns out my morning workouts are the most effective and moving my workout to afternoon kept me in a comfort zone of comfy workouts. Those are workouts that don't challenge you, they're not easy but you can definitely go up a notch and you just don't.

So this mornings workout was a realisation that I can put more into my workouts and I can step outside that comfort zone and I feel empowered now to push past the comfort zones in other areas of my life because I've pushed past this fitness one.

Here's what I advise:

  1. Ask yourself questions - Ask yourself if you're getting the results you want to get from your workout? Are you feeling like you've given your best when you get to the end of your workout? Are you going through the motions of routine, e.g. you've always done a certain class so you just stick with it?
  2. Step outside your comfort zone one step at a time - On your next workout aim for one more rep of each exercise, focus on better form, have a go at the more advanced options - take it up a level.
  3. Try something new - Do you need a break from the same old, same old?! Try something new and see if it challenges you differently from your regular workout. Mix things up often!

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