What is an 'on demand' Fit Biz & how it can benefit your Fit Biz & life

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Hey Fit Biz Boss babe!

Have you heard the term 'on demand' a lot recently but not really sure what it is exactly or what it can do for your Fit Biz?

Many people think 'on demand' is simply having workouts available to clients as and when they want them. This is true but there's also so much more to it.

What is an on demand Fit Biz?!
✅ A service, online product or membership that allows you to great content once so clients & potential clients can get access over & over again
✅ Content can include anything from workout videos/sessions, courses & programmes, ebook & digital resources

What does this mean for your Fit Biz?!

✅ You can create additional income alongside your ‘physical’ classes & services
✅ You can add value to the services you offer existing clients
✅ You still have a Fit Biz & income even if your can’t teach, are on holiday, ill etc.
✅ You can earn an income anytime, anywhere.
✅ Create time & financial freedom, work hours you want to work.
✅ Reach a wider audience to serve & help more people
✅ Not reliant on income from a company or working time for money jobs.

Examples of services/products the can be 'on demand'
  • A membership of fitness sessions
  • An online course or programme
  • An e-book or a series of E-books
  • Masterclasses
  • Workout templates
  • Tutorial trainings
  • I combination of all of the above.

Sounds exciting, right?

If you're interested in a step by step plan to Create, Build & Launch an On Demand Fit Biz click here!


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