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Hey Sweet Petiters!

Today I wanted to focus on motivation. It's the one thing people struggle with and the biggest obstavle to achieving your goals.

At the moment I am motivated and when I am motivated I often think 'how can I ever feel unmotivated to workout and eat well? it feels so good!' But I know that time will come when I am unmotivated and won't want to workout and eat well. Those times require a strong routine, self discipline and healthy habits!

Getting fit and eating well in reality is easy, motivation and mastering your mindset is what makes it challenging! Here are a few tips to help you get and stay 'motivated'.

  1. Build a routine - A routine is what success is made up of, small habits and actions repeated day in and day out! Scope out the best time for you to exercise and start with showing up at that time and do 10 minutes of fitness. Once you create the habit and routine of setting your workout time making your workouts longer will feel less overwhelming. Most people start a workout plan and go straight from zero exercise to 30 minutes or longer per day. This creates overwhelm and sometimes over training which makes it hard and challenging to keep going and so we end up unmotivated and quitting way too soon. Set your routine and build small foundations.
  2. Commit to 10 minutes - I always say this but my biggest goal for clients is consistency! If you don't feel like working out then just convince yourself to do 10 minute (I do this with a lot of tasks not just fitness) When you show up for 10 minutes you usually feel more motivated and end up doing more, if not you have the satisfaction that you did something which empowers you and helps you to build the habit of consistency.
  3. Follow a plan - If you have a plan to follow you take out the guess work of figuring out what to do for your fitness. I love following a workout plan because it means I can just show up and do it instead of wasting time figuring what to do for my workout that day. As most of you know I also LOVE a home/online workout as it means I can commit at a time that suits me. We have 30 day plans available in Sweet Petite Fitness on Demand, Start your 7 day free trial today!
  4. Treat Yourself - I know that if I'm cutting everything out of my diet and I deprive myself of treats, I won't stick to it! You have to find balance otherwise it's going to be something you resent and will never want to do again! If you're the type of person to eat the whole pack of biscuits, challenge yourself to eat only half. Then challenge yourself to eat a quarter, before you know it on biscuit will be enough and you've found a better balance for you life without deprivation.
  5. Know that you're not always going to be motivated - Being motivated sometimes comes from the awareness and understanding that you're not always going to be motivated, excepting this means you can find alternatives to keep you on track. I'm not always motivated to brush my teeth or take my make up on/off but it's something I do daily and is part of my routine. This of your workout as a similar daily task.
  6. Know your why - It's important to know why you want to workout and be healthier. It's not just enough to want to be fitter and healthier, there's always a bigger reason and you need to tap into this and remind yourself of it to stay motivated. My reason is that I know I feel more confident when I workout and eat well, I know I don't want to be on medication all my life for ulcerative colitis and I definitely know that I don't want to throw my skinny jeans away!

I hope these helped! I'd love to know if you have any extra motivation tips that work for you? Post them in the comments!

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