How to make your business thrive during this challenging time.

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It’s a time of uncertainty and everything we know as normal, teaching classes and face-to-face services, we can no longer do. It’s easy to feel stressed, anxious and even go into freeze mode and not do anything.

I want you to know that there’s solutions to your situation that can help your business thrive now and/or when this is all over. Here’s a few ways you can help your business thrive through this…

  1. Take your classes online – Many instructors have done this to help keep their business’ running. It takes a little bit of patience and learning a few new techy bits but it can be simple and straight forward too.
  2. If live online classes aren’t possible for you then why not pre-record workouts for your clients. You can add these to private Facebook groups, YouTube or Vimeo and still create an income or simply serve your clients for free. Plus, it’s a great time to build a library of online content for future use.
  3. Use this time to learn about going online. When I’ve asked instructors in the past why they haven’t taken their business online yet, the replies are often linked to not enough time, not techy enough and even I’m too old for that. Well now is the perfect time because you probably have more time to learn, there’s more training around now then ever before on the techy stuff and if you think you’re too old then look around at people even older then you who are embracing this online experience.
  4. Use this time to train in something new ready to launch fresh content when classes are back up and running. People will be eager to return to classes and face-to-face sessions when this is over, you may even get new faces wanting to try classes just to get out after being isolated. So, it’s the perfect time to train in something brand new and launch a fresh new class for you loyal and new clients.
  5. This also gives you plenty of time to market and drum up excitement for you new class and even an online demo to build anticipation. So why not use this time to re-brand your business, create some new marketing content and get ready for when business is face-to-face again,
  6. This may have been a time for instructors that only teach branded formats to realise how valuable fitness qualifications are. So why not get trained in Exercise to music or your level 3 personal training so that your well equipped to teach non-branded formats should you be called to.
  7. Get all your online systems in place. If you’re not comfortable with an online business the this is the perfect time to put online systems in place for your physical business. Maybe it’s setting up an online booking system, creating an email list, taking your par-qs online, setting up a Facebook page and group for your business, looking into getting a website so people can find your classes online. There are many things you can implement online other then online classes and workouts videos that will enhance your business when you’re back up and running.
  8. Evaluate your business and where you want it to go after this is over. Maybe this has made you realise you’re teaching too many intense classes and would like to train in something more mindful. Maybe this has made you realise and appreciate your classes at gyms where you can just turn up and teach. Maybe you want to continue and aspect of your business online?! Get clear and put things in place so you have a business and career you love when this is over.
  9. Maybe you’re taking a well-earned rest from teaching and focusing on family time and your own workouts for your own fitness. This can work wonders for your business and the classes you teach when your return as you will be refreshed and ready to re-launch with energy and enthusiasm.
  10. Relax in the knowledge that you are not going through this alone and you have the industry to support you. It’s okay if you’re not teaching live online classes, it’s okay if you’re waiting until this is over and it’s okay to relax and know that your business is still going to be there when this is over, just like everyone will know that you and your classes will be there for them too.

If you’d like support in taking your business online or learning online tools to market and enhance your business then join us in the free Facebook group.


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