How to stay fit & healthy during the Coronavirus lockdown…

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It’s easy to get lazy and do nothing when you’re stuck at home. We can get into a lack of routine and structure to our days and before you know it the week has gone by. Plus, the less we do the less we want to do!

So, here’s my tips on how to stay fit & healthy during lockdown!

  1. Keep a set morning and evening routine. Set your alarm for the same time every day during the week and go to bed at the same time. Give your body clock some rhythm. This will help you to feel more energised and help keep your metabolism stabilised.
  2. Plan your meals for the week. Batch book meals and create a healthy menu for the week. Make the most of what’s in your cupboards and be creative. Stick to set meal and snack times so you’re not grazing all day long. This will not only help your health, but it will make the food you have go further.
  3. Set a workout routine and schedule. Workout at the same time everyday so it becomes and appointment you keep with yourself. It will also help you create a healthy habit and give your days some structure. You will also be less likely to skip your workout if you’ve set a time to do it!
  4. Find an online community. If you’re feeling alone in your fitness journey or maybe just in life at the moment, when you’re not socialising or seeing the usual people that you would in your everyday life, find an online community that will keep you motivated, accountable and supported. There are plenty of Facebook groups dedicated to this. Why not join mine, its free and I’ll be sharing lots of tips and workouts in there too.Join now.
  5. And finally, and most importantly, take time to sit quietly to meditate. It doesn’t have to be a set meditation session. Just taking some time to sit quietly and reflect is so important. Take deep breaths in and out and slow down. Maybe this is new for you. Being forced to stop normality of, maybe a hectic life, can be scary but with this as a time to allow you body to rest and rejuvenate, your mind and thoughts to calm down and to reflect on where you’d like life to take you to next.


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