Top tips to help your Fit Biz during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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It’s easy to panic, worry and think fear-based thoughts but I want you to use this time different. I know all too well about running a Fit Biz when you can teach, I went though it before being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. And even though I don’t wish bad times on anyone, I also know that those are the times that usually help us thrive later. They force us to grow, learn new things and even set us onto different paths. So, here’s my top tips on how you can make the best of this time…

  1. Address people’s fears. Participants may not want to attend classes so address any fears they have and any procedures you’re putting in place to help them.
  2. Get creative and think about other ways you can help your participants access your expertise. They will probably still want to get fit and stay healthy but may not want to attend classes or gyms as they normally do.
  3. If you do have to cancel services how can you use that time to your advantage. You could use that time to learn how to add online aspects to your business. Write an e-book. Learn new ways to market and continue to market your business in a better way.
  4. Maybe you can create a different or temporary service that isn’t what you usually offer?
  5. How about using the time to train online in something new so when you re-commence classes you have the added bonus of a brand new class or service to launch?
  6. Any business these days can go online so how can you take your Fit Biz online? Don’t worry about the techy stuff just brainstorm ideas and figure it out as you go.
  7. Use the extra time to schedule social media posts, create videos, build your email list, write blogs, plan…
  8. Add other streams of income to your Fit Biz such as network marketing, becoming an affiliate for products etc
  9. Stay positive. Instead of thinking the worst and how this may ruin your business, think about how this can make your business. Keep marketing and stay visible, be helpful and supportive to your clients the best you can and know that when this has calmed down you will have grown and become more resourceful because of it!

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